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Maihym's Helper Application

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Tell us about yourself: Well for starters my name is Maihym and I've been developing my own Altis Life mission for a while now. I run my own community called Chaotic Gaming and I'm just looking for some other things to do.

What skills do you possess that you feel will help you do well as a helper? I am patient, organized, and knowledgeable. I don't make empty promises or act like I know what I'm talking about when I don't. If I tell someone I can help them then it's because I can.

Have you ever been banned/kicked ( if yes please specify why )? No

Your date of birth: 11/16/1999/ 

What's your experience with SQF and SQL languages, or other sorts of Arma related development? I have a lot of experience with SQF and SQL. I also have a decent amount of experience with PHP. I've built my own custom scripts such as a combat logger catching system, an in-depth death log, money logger, IP logger, and an auto whitelisting script.There is more but those are some of my recent scripts.

What is the first thing you would like to change about the forums(Nothing? then NA)? Personally I think there should be more "Official" tutorials that people can rely on. There are lots of tutorials out there that won't work for the general public. So we should make broad tutorials on things such as administrating a server, setting up a server, configuring a server, and even adding scripts.

Do you have Discord? Yes

Do you have any problems working with other staff members? No

Why do you want to be a Helper? I want to be a helper because I've been around here for so long I think it's time for improvements. There doesn't seem to be a lot of activity as there used to be and I would like to change that. I just want to see Altis Life be what is used to be.

How would you deal with someone being rude towards members? I would send them a PM telling them to stop being rude to others or face a temporary ban. If they continue after their ban then I would permanently ban them. It's ok to debate, but it's stupid to have a pissing contest.

If you were to become a helper, would a moderator position be appealing to you as well in the future? Definitely, I honestly think I would be better off as a moderator because I like enforcing the rules. Why should one person be allowed to break those rules when others have to abide by them? I just want to see everyone getting along and I think I can help make that happen.

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