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textures "Embassy Pack" - Free Texture Pack - By Green Gaming Nation

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Embassy Pack

Hello everyone here in Altis Life RPG. I am here today to give to you all a gift! I am a Rep for  GGreenaming Nation, we just recently started full
production of new textures for all facets of Arma 3. With our Arrival we would like to give to the Altis Life RPG Community and its guests the free
"Embassy Pack" texture pack. This free texture pack does not come with the PSD file needed in order to professionally edit. If you want the PSD then
message me on Discord and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to reply to this thread. Thank you all and have a great Arma

Textures Included in the Embassy Pack:

"Vulture" texture for the Hummingbird Helicopter.
"Rustbucket" texture for the Off Road Truck.
"Specter" texture for the Off Road Truck.

Embassy Pack Also Contains:

  • Multi-resolutioned JPG files of each texture: 2048x2048px | JPG qualities: 30, 60, and 100.
  • .PAA versions of each texture.
  • Screenshots of each texture.
  • License \ Ad \ Help File.

Screenshots of Vehicle Textures (click to enlarge)

truckmini.jpg truckmini2.jpg helimini1.jpg




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