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Jabor Alias

ExtDB3 Connection error

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Im getting this error.. 

I tried everything..

please help..

im using v5

9624. File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Lakesidevalley\config\Config_SpawnPoints.hpp, line 66: '/CfgSpawnPoints/Lakesidevalley/Cop/Athira.conditions': Missing ';' at the end of line
9625. Error context ife_coplevel >= 1";
9626. Warning Message: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Lakesidevalley\config\Config_SpawnPoints.hpp, line 66: '/CfgSpawnPoints/Lakesidevalley/Cop/Athira.call': 'l' encountered instead of '='
9692. Error: Object(2 : 1968) not found
9708. Error in expression < 23-01-2018 16-40-52 - v258 - %2 - %3]',_t,serverName,productVersion];
9711. Error position: <_t,serverName,productVersion];
9714. Error Undefined variable in expression: _t
9715. File a3_infiSTAR\fn_postInit.sqf [a3_infiSTAR_fnc_postInit], line 827
9716. "extDB3: Error with Database Connection"
9719. Error in expression <orce Arrowhead Radio", true, true] call CBA_Settings_fnc_init;
9721. Error position: <CBA_Settings_fnc_init;
9723. Error Undefined variable in expression: cba_settings_fnc_init
9724. File task_force_radio\functions\fn_ServerInit.sqf [TFAR_fnc_ServerInit], line 25

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Alright man,

You have multiple issues in config_spawnpoints, please pastebin it

That is an infistar error you cannot fix that

That is a TFAR Error, you are missing CBA it seems?

please pastebin the ENTIRE RPT Log :)


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I don't think you have a legit copy of Infistar, there were no releases on 23rd January 2018, looks like someone has tried to get around the server whitelisting O.o 

This will prevent you from connecting to the database if it is a moody copy.

Ours: 03-12-2017 **-**-39-v258

removed the first 4 digits after the date just incase you do have a moody copy and try to bypass it ;) 

Edited by JedINyte

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