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DB issue non 1.64 related ***SOLVED***

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So I'm trying to add a skin to the police backpack and for some reason when I script in the texture and load into the game, the game immediately gives me the "received request from server validating" but if I take the code out the server returns to normal problem free. I fail to see how a skin can cause a DB error clearly I'm missing something and I have no idea what. I've also added the code I'm using in the fn_playerSkins below. Another thing too I'm not sure if it would be related but only one player can wear the custom skin I've added for a border unit, if more than one tries to wear it, it immediate turns the exture to pure black could this DB related too? I can't fathom how skins unrelated to the db can cause it to screw up.



	case west: {
		if(uniform player == "U_Rangemaster") then {
			player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\cop_uniform.jpg"];
		if(uniform player == "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam") then {
			player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\border.jpg"];
	    if(backpackContainer player == "B_Carryall_Base") then {
			player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\EMU_plecak_tor_blk.paa"];


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