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Notorious RP

Notorious Roleplay A3L Community ($100,000 Start) | Serious RP | Need Cops

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Notorious Roleplay A3L Community ($100,000 Start)


We are a new and upcoming A3l Sunset Valley server that would like to expand our player base and presence in the modded Arma 3 community. We have a great dedicated staff team that will help with anything that you may request and will be active 24/7. You will be playing on a NEW map called Sunset Valley which is filled with fun aspects to take part in as well as weekly server events that everyone is welcomed too. Our well structured police force will bring you closer to the action and will bring greater immersion. We also still have positions open in the EMS, Police and much more so if you’re interested,  join today!


Here at Notorious Roleplay we pride ourselves on our amazing, hard working staff team which will try their best to help you in any situation. Anyone is welcome here and when you join Notorious Roleplay, you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself and meet new people that you can roam around the new and improved map.


Some Mods & Features


Arma 3 Enhanced Movement

Arma 3 Enhanced Interaction

Task Force Radio

Ear Plugs

A realistic prison aspect

Ace Medical (will soon be implemented)


Custom new and improved map

A race track

And a whole lot more



Image of Map and vehicles

Sunset City


Department Of Corrections 


Gold Reserve


Some of our top Cars From our Mods 





Extra info

Website: http://www.notoriousroleplay.co.uk/

Teamspeak: ts3.notoriousroleplay.co.uk

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NotoriousRoleplay#


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