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|US/UK| TGLP Malden Life #1 | 100k Start | Custom

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The Golden Life Project is an Arma 3 brand new server focused on making the community feel good and be stable for a long amount of time.

The whole developer team comes from a server which had many failures on it's system and it's staff. We are here to fix those issues and make

this a great server enjoyable for all publics.



Visit our website

We also have our own Discord Server!



  • Custom Website
  • Advanced Website
  • Support System
  • Discord Channels
  • Mature Staff members 16 years old +
  • Semi-Mature police force 14 years old +


  • Custom Vehicle Skins
  • Custom Police HQs
  • Custom Medic HQs
  • High Server FPS
  • Police Ranks set up.
  • Suicide Vests for Rebels


Here is a video with all of our features





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@Tobias55 I like the cinematic video, but there are few grammar errors and spelling mistakes, these give off a bad impression that the video was rushed.

Spelling mistake 1, at 1:23 it says "Become a police officer at our costom police stations", it should say "Become a police officer at our custom police stations", I would recommend though for it to be "Join our police force and be part of our custom police stations!"

Spelling mistake 2, at 2:09 it says "And, of course, rebel aginst Malden and the people at the rebel outposts", it should say "And, of course, rebel against Malden and the people at rebel outposts"

Spelling mistake 3, at 2:38 it says "As a rebel Take back your hard eared cash the governtment took at the Federal Reserve", it should say "As a rebel, you can rob the federal reserve and take back your stolen cash!"

Appart from that your server seems ok, also you may want to state what the island government is based off, for example, it might be British.


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1 minute ago, Wackbatt said:

Seems like there is very minimal effort put into the server just by reading this forum post and visiting the website.

There is way more than what you think, he just did a bad job explaining what the server has to offer. He should of did a better job.

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Wow, now 'Custom Website' yes, 'Advanced Website'... haha no. That's weebly mate. Also not to add fire to fire but a simple form isn't a 'forum', I can see how you may have gotten them mixed up; they are sorta spelled the same but not really. :P 


Here's a snipit of code from the policeDB application/website I'm working on at the moment as a full/proper release. This is what I would classify as an 'Advanced' and 'Custom' website. Not a site builder.


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Added more stuff to boost my ego
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