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this didnt work on 4.4 for me stopped the mission running but when i followed the steps on the original github for it, it worked great other than the dynamic prices that it sets over ride the default prices that we set....

would make sense if it based around the prices we set in the config_vitems.hpp and then dynamically adjusted the prices based on whats selling more of and such rather than it just making up its own base prices unless they are being set some where in one of the supplied files that i aint seen.

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Ok i fixed my issue with the market menu not loading, basically in the guide on the github their was a step missing 



now open your CfgRemoteExec.hpp and paste this right below the server functions


F(TON_fnc_playerLogged,SERVER) //DynMarket
F(TON_fnc_getUpdate,SERVER) //DynMarket
F(TON_fnc_changePrice, SERVER) //DynMarket
F(life_fnc_update,CLIENT) //DynMarket
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21:20:28 Warning Message: File mpmissions\AltisLife.Altis\dialog\dynmarket_changeprice.hpp, line 81: .life_dynmarket_changeprice: Member already defined.
21:20:28 Warning Message: File mpmissions\AltisLife.Altis\dialog\dynmarket_prices.hpp, line 100: .life_dynmarket_prices: Member already defined.


Edited: Dw I'm retarded

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im retarded xd
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6 hours ago, Kaiman™ * Publiclir.se said:

I have dubbel checked everything but i have a problem i do not have anything in my dynmarket in my database and i am getting this and i use Alits Life version is 4.5 if someone got it to work respond to this then :)









Means you have done something wrong. Check the github instructions for the script i believe there's a step in there that's not in this post. I'm gonna install this on my local server now so i'll let you know if i run into the same problem and how to fix it :)

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@Kaiman™ * Publiclir.se Just installed it on my fresh 5.0.0 local server and it works just fine. Only think i did different from the original post here was remove the "getIcon" line in the functions.hpp and thats it.

Try following this tutorial instead: https://github.com/RyanTT/DynamicMarket/blob/master/DynMarket (ALTISLIFE 4)/Installation Instructions.txt

If you still can't make it work add me on steam and i'll try to help you out! :) http://steamcommunity.com/id/ikatzuki2/

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On 1/10/2017 at 5:01 PM, Rasmus said:

@Kaiman™ * Publiclir.se problem has been solved! I hopped on teamviewer and helped him out! :)

The problem was the missing 

[] execVM "\life_server\Functions\DynMarket\fn_config.sqf";

in the Life_Server\init.sqf file.

Remember that line folks on 4.4 + :)

all though it wont update prices, neither will it update amount sold. Also it does not work for me:p

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3 hours ago, Lathrix said:

All sorted


BUT! Now my spyglass says it has detected cheats on people except me ( They're not admins ) 
Ever since i installed this.. And its disabled on my server..

You gotta remove some extra stuff when you disable spyglass with Dynamic market. Hit me up on steam and i will help you out :)

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Any reason you told us to put _geticon when there isn't such a file? Causes errors

Edit: After not being able to solve errors, I decided to remove the script, and I still get fn_Dynmarket_geticon.sqf not found wtf.

Please enlighten me.

Edit: Still no luck after 3 hrs of trying. I even went as far as to put a fresh functions.hpp in. This is getting confusing and annoying. All rpt says is "Warning Message: Script core\DynMarket\fn_DYNMARKET_getIcon.sqf not found" so doesn't help much.

Edit: Figured it out. Isn't TADST great? Told it to run one mission file, but it ran another +1 lmao

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