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I am new to all the developing stuff and also new to arma 3 developing in general. I was recently told to use CyberWorks as tool to white list people and set up users with permissions etc. 

I ran into the problem of not knowing how to set up cyber. Could anyone help me set it up. that would be much appreciated.


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You don't need to double post just to quote me, I am the only person talking here so it's clear that it's directed at me.


Your questions are not Altis Life related, they are Web server related.


If your environment is Windows then look at Microsoft's documentation for configuring IIS with PHP,


If your environment is a Debian based Linux distrobution then you can use the docker file to perform the installation, provided you have apache webserver and Docker installed.


Use Google, and MSDN.


Anybody else with Docker experience - feel free to correct me anywhere I'm wrong.

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