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[UK/EU] AltisResistance - Altis Life |No Mods|Custom Textures|130 Slots|Custom Scripts|Active Staff|

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Welcome to Altis Resistance Altis Life Server Page

Sign up to the forums and get an extra 200k in game and a civillian tag in teamspeak

Forum: www.altisresistance.com


Teamspeak: ts.altisresistance.com


  • Convoy Sidemissions
  • XP & Perk System
  • Speed Cameras
  • Air Drops
  • Shipwrecks
  • Debit Card , ATM & Pin System
  • Zipties, Cuffs, Blinfolds & Gag
  • Casino
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Police Backup Service



Become a civilian and either go collect apples and make some money or help the police with crime by becoming a bounty hunter 


Become a rebel and bring the aggression to bluefor with suicide vests, Speed Bombs and high caliber guns



Tackle crime when rebels get to full of themselves

NATO , FBI & SWAT coming soon


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Can you please add screenshots/videos and you might want to add some more scripts since it seems like most of those are either from here or Maverick and people usually like custom stuff! 

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