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Hello everyone, on behalf of the staff here at Humanity Roleplay I would like to welcome you to our City. Here's a little brief overview of what's happening to kind of fill you in. Here at Humanity Roleplay we want to bring our members the most quality and enjoyable RP that we possibly can. We are still in the development stage of things and our team is working hard everyday to make this the best community out there. The server itself is constantly being worked on by our development team. We are very exited and eager to see the server go live and see our members enjoying it. But we also want our development team to take their time and work all the bugs out before releasing it to our members. With all of this being said we are always accepting new members


Humanity Roleplay civilians have more than enough activities to take their role play experience to the next level. You can involve yourself in many things like keeping a steady job as a taxi driver to enjoying yourself in a fast pace race with several friends on one of our several raceways the possibilities are endless!

Fun Stuff Paintball Arena Fishing & Boating F-1 Racetrack Go-Kart racetrack Drag Strip Logging Mining Oil Fields / Refineries Fedex Security

Police Department

Humanity Roleplay Police 's Department offers a few differnet sub-divisions that will open shortly. We offer, CID , Swat and Traffic division. We hold a full police academy that we require all applicants to preform before being hired on to the force. This includes, a shooting course, a physical training course, a driving course and basic situations that you may encounter while on duty. We will soon have a fully workable CAD system that would include writing of reports and checking people for warrants.

Criminal Investigation Department Special Emergency Response Team Gang Unit Traffic Divison Internal Affairs Human Resource Field Training Officer

Fire Department/Ems

EMS and Fire Department has a complex script allowing for a more realistic and enjoyable experience. As an EMT you will respond to injured, dead, or sick individuals. They will need to go over their patient checking for injuries and treating them from the highest priority to the lowest to ensure the patient reaches a full recovery. It is their job to also treat sicknesses and control them to keep it from spreading throughout the county.

EMT Human Resource Field Training Officer Internal Affairs Hazmat

Coast Guard

Coast Guards duties are as followed. The seaman will patrol on boats throughout the waters. Their primary jobs will be enforcing poaching laws, checking fishing licenses, checking boating licenses, along with assisting the air unit with search and rescue operations. These members can also act as rescue swimmers in our helicopters. Airman assume the position of pilots and co-pilots. Their main duty is to is to respond to search and rescue operations throughout the seas. Along with that another large responsibility is to patrol the city assisting law enforcement with air operations. Lastly is our Patrol Unit whose main priority is patrolling the beaches ensuring that all fishing laws are being upheld. Our patrol unit has all authority as law enforcement when on the beach. They can also assist law enforcement if called upon.

Seaman Airman Patrolman

Enjoyable game experience with a lot to do and great role-play. This is a strict role-play server and we want to keep it that way so all our players will be happy. We will enforce the rules as strongly as we can to get rid of any peoples trying to break this great experience for us.

Server Information: Teamspeak IP: ts.humanity-rp.com Website: http://humanity-rp.com/Forums

If you have any qustions please us these to get help. connect to the teamspeak and we hope to see you soon! The only thing we expect in return from our players is good behavior and a lot of fun!

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