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Dark Life RPG Tanoa

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We have a EU Server with tanoa Its got plenty of Scripts. We host on a computer with a very steady internet so it shouldnt be a problem. Its a very fun server but low population but those people that plays on it hopes it gets more popular and so on.

You can apply for cop and so on we are starting to create a forums but for now just message a Officer rank higher than 5 Or a Admin and setup a meet and training.

Its public Rebel and it costs 100k But if more than two cops are on you can easily make up for that money on Gas station robbery, You make very much money at the moment just because we want more players to start and get steady money etc.

We need Medics and they earn better than cops just for the matter that the have to go on a 12 km ride just to revive one guy. 

We like Tanoa and there isn't many Tanoa RPG servers out there and ill hope you will come and join!


Port: 2302


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