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Snipes Murphy

[Tutorial] Placeable Objects as Police

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What am I doing wrong?
I was able to install in V.5.0 only that the key (C) does not want to release the fence.

my question is?

someone could help me how I do when I find the place where the barrier will be I press the keyboard key and it will release.

I'm still on this subject, I'm sorry for my ignorance.


case 11; {  
            _currentPos = getPosATL life_barrier_activeObj;  
            detach life_barrier_activeObj;  
            life_barrier_activeObj setPos[(getPos life_barrier_activeObj select 0), (getPos life_barrier_activeObj select 1), 0];  
            life_barrier_activeObj enableSimulationGlobal true;  
            life_bar_placey pushBack life_barrier_activeObj;  
            life_barrier_active = false;  
            life_barrier_activeObj = ObjNull;  
            hint "Vous avez placé l'objet !";  


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