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Hardly Gaming Altis Life RPG | 1 Mil Start | Active Community

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Server Information

Website: www.HardlyGaming.net

Teamspeak: Hardlygaming.voip.pub

Direct Connection Info:

UP Time 24/7, 7 days a week

Current Framework: 4.4R4 with extDB2 


Server Description 

Salutations, basement dwellers. Tired of lackluster, lifeless Altis Life communities that are part and parcel clones of previously established mission files? Have you been experiencing any mild gastrointestinal discomfort related to IBS? If you answered "I'm not comfortable responding you obnoxious prick," then we have a 10% success rate solution for you. Hardly Gaming Altis Life RPG. Features include but are not limited to: Overhauled map; heavily tweaked mission file; custom npcs; 1 million dollar start with properly paced money making; active administrators; custom meshes/textures, and so much more that I might just spontaneously combust. (Also Typed in Server Features )


Server Features

  1. Active player base
  2. Supporting Staff
  3. Unique Server layout
  4. Farm-able fields
  5. Cinematic outro when leaving the server
  6. Custom cell phone
  7. Sky Diving
  8. Custom skins for civilians, medics, cops. This includes clothing / vehicles etc
  9. Introduction music when joining the server
  10. Custom Federal Reserve
  11. Custom Car features
  12. Balanced Money System
  13. Admin Events
  14. Veteran Owned and Opertated
  15. New Updates Weekly
  16. 1 million dollar start
  17. Custom Bridge to Pyrgos with town in middle
  18. So much more...


Server Map Image


Join us today on HardlyGaming! We would love to have you. If you join our Teamspeak just poke a SA(Server Admin) to get your tags! Cant wait to meet you all.

Thanks for looking 

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10 hours ago, [email protected] said:

Recently got banned in the TeamSpeak because of someone else calling Caliber a "N*****"? Was trying to just see what was happening with the community and next thing you know I'm being threatened by Caliber with him saying that he back tracked my IP and is going to "demolish" my computer??

They are a bunch of nobodies, just let their community die own its own. After all they're wasting their own money. I just wish the kids who 'attempted' to make this server didn't throw up a mission file and solely rely on this site for content... oh wait, they did, silly me. :P 


On 31/03/2017 at 11:46 AM, Brixton said:
  • Active player base
  • Supporting Staff
  • Unique Server layout
  • Farm-able fields
  • Cinematic outro when leaving the server
  • Custom cell phone
  • Sky Diving
  • Custom skins for civilians, medics, cops. This includes clothing / vehicles etc
  • Introduction music when joining the server
  • Custom Federal Reserve
  • Custom Car features
  • Balanced Money System
  • Admin Events
  • Veteran Owned and Opertated
  • New Updates Weekly
  • 1 million dollar start
  • Custom Bridge to Pyrgos with town in middle
  • So much more...

What in this list, content wise, could be found on this site? 

I think iv'e said enough...

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