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[TUTORIAL] Fix "Error Loading Mission"

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[TUTORIAL] Fix "Error Loading Mission"

I have noticed that since the forums have been revived no one has posted a fix for the "error loading mission file" after building in the Eden editor, which is a very common error. So here is a quick simple fix.

1.) Open your Altis Life map in the Eden editor.

2.) At the top left of your screen, select "entities", this will bring up all the entities in the game, from npc's, markers, cars, buildings etc.

3.) In the search bar, search for "car1_1". There should be two identical duplicates.

4.) Delete one of them, and save. DONE! Now you can edit in the 3D editor as much as you want.

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On 9/27/2016 at 8:45 PM, Jason_000 said:

You don't load server sided files into the editor, the editor is not a server.

No it's all good I had no idea they Binarize the files not, good idea but idiotic at the same time. The server wouldn't read the altis life mission sqm after an eden edit, that's what I was talking about lol.

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