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Only highly complex or bad servers?

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Greetings everyone,

recently I came back to playing Arma 3 and was wondering what happened to Altis Life, my favorite game mode back then?

So what I found are fewer servers, but some with a very high complexity. Surely there are more and better systems on those servers then in 2019. But for me the reason to chose Altis Life over e.g. GTA5-Roleplay, is simply Arma. The tactics, weapon play, vehicles and realism. So I'm sad, thinking back to the good old Altis days, with a major topic in gunfights and a tactical police.

So in my dreams, a server looks like:

- Strong police forces (high-tec, good players, well organised) which actually can help players on the map...

- Civilians / Guerrillas who use mainly AKs, offroads and not ifrits and expensive helicopters

- Altis representing an area of civil war: so only few expensive trucks, many smaller cars…

- Well rounded gameplay between roleplay and tactical Arma


So are there servers like this? No focus on car tuning, gamble mechanisms and so on. Bc I think GTA does those things just way better.

Are there interested in servers like this?

If yes, are there people interested in developing a server like this?


Thank you for all kind of information and tips.

have nice day!



Little info about me:

- German (24yo)

- Playing Arma since 2015

- Was running an Altis Life server like 7 years ago


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Problem is most servers have anal staff.
Most server's re-use the same old public stuff, instead of making their own unique stuff.
Problem is, Altis Life framework is oversatured. 
Making a server is easy, modifying code is easy. Maintaining a server, cost's etc. Is not. You need a player base that actually want to play on a server. 
Lastly, the grind on servers is time consuming, only for it to shut down.
Or you have servers like Anzus Gaming, who like to fondle children to make them stay, or DOS people. Either one.

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