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Hello thanks for taking time to view our server. We have a lot to offer with our roleplay. We have 10gb of mods which makes the server awesome and fun. This life mod took us 8 months and we have had it up for a few weeks. We have tons of cars and shops. You can even work at taco bell or be a tow truck driver. It is endless on what you want to do. Our player base is big and friendly, If you ever have a problem we have great staff to take care of it. We want you now join now and get 500k to get you started and start having fun.


Contact and server info

Website: www.argogaming.net

Teamspeak- Join here to get your tags and play- Ip:




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3 hours ago, Prophet said:

Haha damn. You couldn't even take the time to make your own video? Obviously you must put about the same amount of work into your server I assume. -1

What are you on about? He spent 8 months working on this mission file and video?!


I mean, his internet must be slow since it took him '8 months' to downoad ribs mission and video..

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11 hours ago, Alex said:

It says in the comments of "your video" that you have over 80 members, yet theres only 3 on the teamspeak, 1 of whom are a bot. lmao.


Also enjin is mehh, minecraft forum kinda

Server has been a little slow but what i meant we have 100 members on our website

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