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Error Undefined variable in expression

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Hello i added the intro cam to my server and i have an error in the log. i dont find where is the error. I give you my log.


File: fn_IntroCam.sqf	
Author: Dexter	
( script might already be known, havent seen it yet though ) 
private ["_camera", "_camDistance","_randCamX","_randCamY","_camTime"];

_camDistance = 350;

_randCamX = 75 - floor(random 150);

_randCamY = 75 - floor(random 150);

_camTime = 30;

// you can change the time for sure, I adjusted mine to the intro music
// the one below basically says that if you already joined the server once the time of the camera movement will be faster, else it might get annoying
if(!life_firstSpawn) then {
_camTime = 30;

//intro move
showCinemaBorder true;
camUseNVG false;

_camera = "camera" camCreate [(position player select 0)+_randCamX, (position player select 1)+_randCamY,(position player select 2)+_camDistance];
_camera cameraEffect ["internal","back"];
_camera camSetFOV 2.000;
_camera camCommit 0;
waitUntil {camCommitted _camera};
_camera camSetTarget vehicle player;
_camera camSetRelPos [0,0,2];
_camera camCommit _camTime;
waitUntil {camCommitted _camera};
_camera cameraEffect ["terminate","back"];
camDestroy _camera;
life_firstSpawn = false;

And the RPT Log:

Successfull attempt to execute serverCommand '#exec users' by server.
Error in expression <oor(random 150);

_camTime = 30;

if(!life_firstSpawn) then {
_camTime = 30;
  Error position: <life_firstSpawn) then {
_camTime = 30;
  Error Undefined variable in expression: life_firstspawn
File mpmissions\Altis_Life.Altis\scripts\fn_introcam.sqf..., line 18

Thanks for you help

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