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This is not required but suggested, in order for us to assess your problem, error, or question as fast as possible, using these steps will insure the fastest and most accurate response


Template for a help request


In a short sentence, what kind of Issue are you having:

What would you say is your understanding of SQF and or SQL on a scale of 1/10:

Do you understand that if your issue is solved we suggest that you add a "Solved" reply to your topic?:

You must include log files(RPT/extDB), and your Altis Life framework version with your topic. 



How to upload an RPT file

1. Find your arma 3 directory on the server or wherever you are hosting it.

2. Find the RPT file, usually in Users, arma3server folder, etc, do a quick search on the search bar and look for .rpt if you still don't know, should look something like this:


3. Find the latest version, earliest to your current time or whenever you last opened arma to test it.

4. Now, open this file using notepad++ or any other structured text editors.

5. Copy everything inside, go to Pastebin.com and paste it into there, copy the link and paste it in your help request.



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