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Working Scripts [Updated]

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Working Scripts Archive

easy access to all available scripts



UI and Informational

Professional looking HUD

Intro Music

Intro Music 2

Intro Text

Intro Cam

Intro Video

Outro Script


Removing Default Statusbar

Spawn Menu Redone

Updated HUD


IPAD Y Menu 2


AI Based Scripts

Dynamic Airdrop


Improvements & Basic Features

Brighter Nights

Simply Morphine and Bandages

Dynamic market 5.0

Custom Spawn Loadouts for Civilians

Seat Belts

Patdown Player + Seize Objects

Realistic Towing

Ear Plugs

Rubber Bullets

Realistic CPR Kit

Actions Menu

Tag System

Speed Bomb

Zip Ties

Police Backup

Jaws of Life

Realistic Tazer

Hand Gestures

Buyable Loadouts

Backpack Custom Capacity

Marijuana Effects

Gag Action


Auto Save

Adding Smoke Effect to Processing

Placeable Objects for Police

Invisible Backpacks for police/med

Anti VDM

Block Changing Names

Cops can enter locked vehicles

Warner's Barriers

Configurable Jail Time

Adding police radar

GPS System

Car Alarm

Boat Rental

Civilian Passports

Police Gate Opening Hotkey

Adding Smoke Trails to Cesna

Suicide Vest

Automatic Messages

Animal Tracking (for Hunting)

Wedding rings


Systems and Complex Features

Questing System

Zipties Revised [Fully Working, With Gag and Blindfolds]

Vehicle Insurance



Advanced Banking System, With Pins

MrKraken's Gas Station Robbery Script

Bounty Hunting Framework [Dialog, DB, Player Interaction]

Altis Central Bank - Second Fed

Purge [Server Event]

Crafting System

Slot Machines

Bus Transportation

Physical Cellphone

Gang Capturable Areas



Basic Coding Tutorial

Moving the Federal Reserve

Task force Radio Black screen when not in channel ETC

Separate Police/Civ Cash & Bank Account

Gang Name Spawns

Custom Medic & Cop Skins

Adding Licenses 4.4


Civilian Whitelisting

Installing Task Force Radio (Addon/Mod)

Mining with Shift+C

Custom Paychecks


Official Paid Scripts

Maverick Applications


Let me know if i missed anything

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Its paid not payed
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3 hours ago, Hammo00 [RipperRP] said:

Warners Barriers is no longer available! Please update!


Tag system also no longer Available!

 They work just have to update links


The tag system I don't know what it is so I'm going to leave it for you to search the forums to find it

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2 hours ago, NickSmith said:

Hi i am looking for a status bar script (food water and healt) like the old altis life version where can I find something like this?

Next time please look at the list or use the search bar. 


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1 hour ago, The Corner Wookie said:

Thanks, I am going to install the ones I want one by one backing up each time, I have noticed most of them so far work but some people complain about issues for 5.0.0

Gotta remember not everyone knows how to fix errors or install correctly sometimes 

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When i play on my server with the HUD, my games crash and say he don't find "script_macros.hpp" in "C:\Users\Computer\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\Tor%c3%a9%20Alabama\missions\Malden_Life.Malden" ... So i have "script_macros" at in this folder...

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1 hour ago, imthatguyhere said:

All it did was create a smoke shell when you process ("fn_processAction.sqf"). Just do it yourself. The existing script isn't applicable to 5.0 in recent versions anyhow.

Okay thank you for the information :)

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