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Hi, please help me, can you know how to do it. I'm trying to make a autoban, that is, that would be a player for violation went there. I found a mission where it is used by infistar. but they all refer to the server-side script, so I think you can know what to do or where you've realized how something like this

Here is the line which refers to the script


player SVAR [ "autoban", "HackMoney", true];

but himself fn_autoban
#include ".. \ .. \ script_macros.hpp"
params [
[ "_mode", - 1, [- 1]]
if (_mode == -1) exitWith {};
Switch (_mode) do {
case 1: {player SVAR [ "autoban", "banKillz", true]};
case 2: {player SVAR [ "autoban", "InfiStar", true]};
default {};

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