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GoPro for Cops [IMobile View]


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I'm not a developer to begin with, but I like to try things like this.

This script works to be able to view the GoPro's of your colleagues (being a cop in this case) from a kind of tablet. 

Sorry if you don't understand the scripts, I am Spanish and I program in Spanish too so they are not in English.

By: LoSantosYT & Alponcho
Difficulty: Fácil 
Material used:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2303942525

  1. We go to the editor and make sure that your cop is named cop_1, cop_2, cop_3 ....... without interruption as cop_1, cop_2, cop_4....
  2. Set some object in the "comisaria" variable since this is where the cam is created when we have not yet selected a player.
  3. Go to Functions.hpp and add the following at the bottom:
    class LoSantosYT {
        tag = "lsyt"
        class CopGoPro {
            file = "LoSantosYT\GoPro";
            class gopro {};
            class CopsDispo {};
            class Conectarse {};
            class OpenDialogGoPro {};


  4. Go Functions.hpp  and add:
    #incluye "LoSantosYT\gopro\menugopro.hpp"

    After this line:
    #incluye "derleon\Scripts_Master.hpp"
  5. Go to init.sqf and add the following line at the bottom: 
    [] execVM "LoSantosYT\gopro\fn_gopro.sqf" ;
  6. Download the following folder and place it in your lost folder:
  7. Put the following where you want the menu to open (a button, a key...):
    call lsyt_fnc_OpenDialogGoPro;

  8. In the fn_gopro.sqf file, change "JD_InvPack" to some invisible, non-collision object :
    cam_on = {
        gopro_cam = "JD_InvPack" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0];  //Invisible object class
        [gopro_cam, true] remoteExec ["hideObjectGlobal", 2];   
        gopro_cam attachTo [comisaria, [0, 0, 0]];
        gopro_cam cameraEffect ["Internal", "FRONT", "camponcho"];
        player setVariable ["gopro_1", true];



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