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[RU] Altis Life #KGB_inside — [RHS & KGB Mod]

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[RU] Altis Life #KGB_inside — [RHS & KGB Mod] — www.altis.pp.ua

☭ IP: or ☭ Port: 2302


..and Task Force Radio http://radio.task-force.ru

Altis Life KGB - is a country in a state of civil war.
There can only be a peaceful life in the land owned by the government.
People call the area of the Peace Zone. It takes two-thirds of the card.
There thriving legal business, peaceful life and peaceful sky over their heads.

However, sponsored by the West and radical organizations just want power.
To destabilize the situation in the east of the country, the group seized large cities and have established their own laws there.
Tearing in clan wars occupied lands, the once peaceful island, divided into two republics: CHP and Poland.
* (Sofia People's Republic and the People's Republic Pirgosovskaya).

Not a one-year legal power of the island is trying to destroy militants and restore these lands under its control.
- Despite the success of the periodic government troops, alas, so far these attempts are futile ...

Arriving on the island, you yourself decide which side to take. Go Army and went to the police, and not sparing the stomach, to cut all evil from the shoulder and to asses.
Perhaps you prefer to build a corporation and earn millions on the production of cotton, metals, uranium or weapons.
Earn enough, and leaving the receiver - to go into politics and govern a peaceful town.
Build hospitals, establish charitable funds and credit, to open new fields and production, the money from which will fill your coffers ...
Or maybe you will become the leader of the underworld. Thief in the Act - crowned authority and will despise both sides, creating their own empire.
In the complete absence of principles there is a temptation to become a bounty hunter who tracks down the victim calmly and gracefully, not without imagination, takes the sentence.
Or be one of the soldiers of the Caliphate, to do dishonor and lawlessness. Maybe one day you lead one of the Republics or even combine them under his control.
- However, if you still will choose the direction of iniquity, you have not sweet. Get ready for the fact that either you will cool down in a ditch, or spend most of his life in prison.

Altis Life KGB - everything is in your hands and you are your own boss. Do not tarry, take action!


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