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Crys Davids

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Conflict RP is a Altis Life server based on after the events of the "after east winds" event. The New Altis Police Force are in full control of altis and try to maintain the peace with the citizens. however some rebel groups still lurk to bring chaos to altis.  Altis Medical Team comprised of a fully government funded health service struggling to maintain health and wellbeing in altis during these harsh times!

Alot of the map has been reworked, shifted alot of the civilian jobs spots about, added a checkpoint that divides the map. We have added a full dedicated REDZONE which allows full PVP no rules for those that wanna gain high risk high rewards events or that just want to have a firefight. 

As stated in the title we are mass hiring. 

We are looking for players to fill roles in the New Altis Police Force.   Experienced or inexperienced.


We are lookinf for players to fill roles in the ALtis Medical Team.  Experienced or inexperienced.

Any questions please fire away!

Discord: https://discord.gg/9uskER5chR

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