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Experience system v2


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I wanted to state that I haven't worked on this for a while and I don't think that I will work on this much more unless people ask for it. I will work on bugs if anyone points them out to me but I don't have that much more enthusiasm to work on this anymore. This is a version 2 for the experience system that I put out a while ago and I feel that it is much better that the first one that I put out. The features are: 

A experience and level up system that is saved by the database with experience points, levels and level ups saved to the database. 

A new menu thanks to @Drunken Cheetah 

A new algorithm that allows the server developer to add and remove perks without having to rest the database that is super easy to do! 

set conditions on perks to make things more interesting such you need to be a certain cop level or a certain level to get the perk. 

a small debug addition to make things easier to debug on the developer side.

a new way to give out experience that prevents bugs. 

A cleaner looking database to give developers an easier time


Installation: Please back up everything before moving forward!

In mission file 

in Functions.hpp insert 

    class experiencesystem {
        file = "core\custom\experiencesystem";
        class dataexperience {};
        class experienceinit {};
        class firstjoin {};
        class giveexperience {};
        class saveexperience {};
        class experienceReceived {};
        class Experience_menu {};
        class upgrade_experience {};
        class experience_menu_change {};
        class queueexp {};

in init.sqf at line 123 insert 

call life_fnc_experienceinit;

in cfgRemoteExec.hpp on line 19 insert 

#include "core\custom\Medusa_Handler.hpp"


in MasterHandler.hpp add this 

#include "experienceMenu.hpp"
#include "Experience_bar.hpp"

in Config_Master.hpp on the bottom add 

#include "Config_Experience.hpp"

and in the cofig file in the main mission directory drop from the downloads Config_Experience.hpp  

optional if you want to have this on your vanilla y menu 

place on line 279 of player_inv.hpp

        class Experience_button: Life_RscButtonMenu {
            idc = 2035;
            text = "Experience Menu";
            onButtonClick = "createDialog ""Experience_Menu"";";
            x = 0.42 + (6.25 / 19.8) + (1 / 250 / (safezoneW / safezoneH));
            y = 0.805;
            w = (6.25 / 40);
            h = (1 / 25);

Drop in Missionfolder from downloads into your mission folder 


Server files 

in config.cpp insert 

        class Experience {
            file = "\life_server\Functions\Experience";
            class fetchexperience {};
            class firstexperience {};
            class saveexperienceserver {};  

 and drop in server files from downloads 


The last thing you need to do is put in the data base with this code 


    `uid`            INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    `pid`            VARCHAR(17) NOT NULL,
    `name`           VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,
    `exp_experince`  INT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
    `exp_level`      INT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
    `exp_perks`      TEXT NOT NULL,
    `exp_points`     INT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
    PRIMARY KEY (`pid`),
    UNIQUE KEY `unique_uid` (`uid`),
    INDEX `index_name` (`pid`)


That should be it. Please let me know if you find any bugs! 


Helpful commands 

[10, "test"] spawn life_fnc_queueexp; give exp
[] spawn {sleep 2; createDialog "Experience_Menu";} call menu 

Like I said please let me know if you have any bugs I will try to fix them! 

Hope yall enjoy! 





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