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Steam Profiler v1

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Today I present to you a program I have been working on.

Steam Profiler

A little about the program;


It is created in vb.net and uses HtmlAgilityPack as the main form of getting the data you need, while I am new to using this package there could still be bugs & issues within it.
I have tested this myself over the last few days of creating it, and have yet to come across many bugs. The purpose of this tool was purely to learn how to use HtmlAgilityPack and to help server owners for any game from steam check a player quickly.

There is a website for this tool, which is the most basic website of all. The website was done so I had somewhere to add updates to, instead of free file uploaders etc. You can download from there also, or you can download from this thread.


The download is only a .msi built from microsoft installer package for .net - Please download from link above or download the .msi from this thread.

The install location should lead to C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamProfiler\StreamProfilerSetup - and this will also be the run folder, along with a desktop icon & startmenu icon.

If  you use this, I would greatly appreciate if you find bugs report them to me.

Known Issues:

  • During testing phase, I faced a few issues exporting the details. So for now exporting has been removed.
  • I have made effort to detect if the steamid is valid, while this can still be avoided by entering "765xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" which will still try and search for the steamid since it contains 765. If you do this, the program will crash. It is highly recommended to use a real steamid.
  • Sometimes the nodes will not connect properly after searching for a steamid. If the program hangs, give it sometime to load everything it needs to load. If after 5-10 minutes nothing has loaded, you will need to force close it.

Not a bug: After searching a steamid the program will become unresponsive for a short amount of time, this is purely because the program is searching the nodes for the information. Usually its about 50 seconds, but could take longer.

Please note; The program can only search for a steamid. Vanity URL's are not accepted at the moment.
Please note#2; The program requires admin permissions to run, this is purely because it creates folders for the exports (once exporting is fixed), it also needs your permission to save the "SearchedSteamIds.dat" file.

Features of program: (In order of search)

Profile Details contains

  1. Steam Profile Picture
  2. Username
  3. SteamID
  4. Steam2ID
  5. Steam3ID


Profile Information contains

  1. Invite URL
  2. Profile Link
  3. Estimated Cost of Account
  4. Member Since
  5. Account Age
  6. Steam Level
  7. Country
  8. Online Status
  9. Profile State
  10. Export Options - Exporting is currently disabled.


Profile Bans contains:

  1. Total Game Bans
  2. Is VAC banned
  3. Total Community Bans
  4. Total Trade Bans
  5. Overall Bans
  6. Last Ban
  7. Detected Friend bans
  8. EAC Bans
  9. EAC Ban Information

EAC ban information is purely for rust.


Profile Hours contains:

  1. Total Hours combined
  2. Windows hours
  3. Linux hours
  4. MacOs hours

Recents contains:

  1. A list of searched steamids. - This will only save if you check the box for it in settings.
     a .dat file will be saved called SearchedSteamIds. You can select each entry, and right click it for more information such as copy links etc.

Settings contains:

  1. Automatically paste steamids from clipboard - This feature is currently not working, and has been disabled
  2. Automatically save all searched id's to recents - Enable this to save a list in the recents tab.
  3. Delete saved file - Click button to delete the "SearchedSteamIds.dat"
  4. Automatically check for updates upon program start - If you want to stay upto date with updates, select this.
    The settings tab will also tell you if there is an update or not.
  5. Check for updates manually
  6. Load default settings
  7. Open Exports Folder - Currently opens documents folder as exports are currently not working.

Exported Files contains

  1. A list of exported files. This will be enabled once exporting is finished. It will contain a list of all exported files you have done, with right click options for each one. Such as delete, open etc.

Changelog contains

  1. When I release new updates, the changelog tab will automatically display the changes made in the new version. 


About contains

Basic information regarding the program and the credits.


Some pictures (Please note; the program has been changed slighly since these photos were taken)







Virus Scans for your peace of mind(Website & msi file)



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