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[QUESTION] What is Z menu and how to open it.


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As the title says, im sort of confuse. I know I have a Y menu and a leftctrl+T menu as well that I've installed my self. I installed an admin menu today that uses Z menu but if Im right and the menu should be open by pressing letter Z just like when pressing key Y to open player menu on altislife then it's not working as Z is for switching between stances, (crouch, proned and standing).


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Exerp of part of ky problem


"If you still have the standard Z menu then dialog\player_inv.hpp

And replace the class ButtonAdminMenu with this"

        class ButtonAdminMenu: Life_RscButtonMenu {
            idc = 2021;
            text = "$STR_PM_AdminMenu";
            onButtonClick = "closeDialog 0; [] call CSN_fnc_adminMenu;";
            x = 0.1 + (6.25 / 40) + (1 / 250 / (safezoneW / safezoneH));
            y = 0.805;
            w = (6.25 / 40);
            h = (1 / 25);


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