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Welcome to Black Wolf Gaming - An Arma 3 Altis Life community!

We currently offer an Altis Life server with a high quality, unique and exiting mission file which heavily tailors towards RP between players. The emphasis in RP allows us to run a community which is suited towards those who enjoy interacting with others and getting the best possible experience out of their time on Arma 3. Our server as mentioned, heavily focuses on roleplay. Meaning that every aspect of the server meets this criteria such as the Police force who involve RP with every move they make, putting words before bullets. Along with our extensive staff steam who enforce this roleplay making sure that the server is as fun to you guys as possible.

The staff team consits of long time ARMA admins who have kept communites in check for years, therefore resulting in our team being as fair, helpfull and experienced as possible.

If you would like to direct connect to the server, bellow you can find the IP to do so. Enjoy! 

IP - 

Port - 2302 

Website - http://blackwolfgaming.invisionzone.com/ 

TeamSpeak - ts.blackwolfgaming.net 

As an Altis Life community we offer several different factions such as... 

The Rebels - This faction dispises the intervention of foreign authorities on their land, as a result of this oppression the rebels have reached out in order to get their hands on high powered weaponary capable of putting an end to this oppression and some day take Altis for their own. However, the great firepower brings out the worst in some of their members who have even decided to split into seperate gangs in order to cause chaos accross Altis and in doing so focusing their efforts on drugs and robbery. 

The Police - The Police on Altis are foreign to the land as increasing violence and firepower has lead them to intervien. The Police consist of long time memers who have access to a wide range of weaponary and vehicles in order to stop the chaos.However, if peace and control is the main prority then police have to do their best to deal with situations without falling on weaponary. Within the force are special units such as SWAT who intend to use lethal force especially in situations such a federal reserve heists as a number of rebels have decided to target it and take what lies between the vault doors. The Police force was set up by veterain members of the ARMA community who have spent years playing, building and running police force's. The force is consists of members who are of a older age, mature and serious about the Police, fitting in very well with our emphasis on roleplay.

Corporation - Corp are a military group hired by the Altis government in order to assist the Police force. Corp have access to a wide range of advanced weapons and vehicles which include 7.62 rifles aswell as armoured vehclies such as the Strider. Corp are well known throughout Altis for their willingness to help civilians complete ther daily dutties of mining by providing them with armed escorts or assistance. They also patrol and protect them from loosing their belongings to rebels if Police are unable to. This faction is unique to our server and works in the same way as rebel, meaning you need to buy the license.


We currently offer a vary extensive mission file. The file has had much input from a lot of talented people who have been founder, developers and owners of long time communites such as Amarok. We include features such as car modifications, not the same as any other server however. Our car mod shop was made by to our design by a developer who incorporated many unique features within the shop ;)

Another feature we take pride in is our instant cop loadout script. The script allows Police members to save their desired loadout and collect it within an instant. Allowing for a much faster response time and ease of access.

We heavily tailor the server towards RP and the map has been designed to do this in every aspect. From the runs you can complete to random construction points blocking roads. 



Heli Unit Trailer



final thumbnail.jpg

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