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Quantum Roleplaying is an Arma focused community aiming towards the top! On our server there is a lot of stuff too do to keep people of all factions entertained;

You can either go on as criminal and make tons of cash the illegal way, Weed, Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, LSD and in future Uranium you name it and then sell it making a big load of cash but at the same time risking getting caught by the police or rebels, if you prefer action you could always go down the path of robbing gas stations! Low risk and medium reward with an excellent chance of role play and combat. Or do legal stuff, mine copper, diamond, iron and slowly make yourself too the top and lower the risk of getting robbed and the police won't bother, if anything they could even assist you on your way!

As always, you can join the government side and work as a NHS or Police Officer and work yourself up to be apart of SCO19! The police department also have a NPAS division which is currently a white listed license to ensure it's only in use for the best cops around, So if you dream is to be a police helicopter pilot this is your chance. The choice is yours to make.

And if you feel like you just wanna take it easy, Just swing by the local Blue Moon Inn and buy yourself some moonshine and hangout in Kavala square!

Re-done cities with custom buildings and props, reinforced rebel outpost, police checkpoint and even an abandoned gang outpost that will in future, become a white listed rebel zone.

Persistent Gangs. You don't have too create a new gang every time you join the server. If you create your gang you keep it! (You can also get your very own gang channel in the discord where only you and your gang members will have access too, Including a gang tag in discord)

Rebel Outposts where you can buy illegal guns, cars or choppers at the rebel outposts that is scattered in the red zone and capture it for your gang and protect it with your life! Other gangs will try too capture them so make sure you have tons of fire power to protect it and keep your gangs name on the map, proving you're the best around!
Police Checkpoints, Most of the time it will be guarded by the police looking for illegal stuff. You can either try to take it from them or go ahead when there is no one at the checkpoint and capture it yourself with your gang. Tax people going through them and make some cash and also grow respect throughout the server.

Custom Vehicle skins, have been implemented to the cars on our server. 

I hope to see you all in game!


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