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A new roleplaying experience


    Server IP - play.virtualroleplay.net | Discord - discord.com/invite/virtualroleplay | Website - www.virtualroleplay.net  |  Forums - https://www.virtualroleplay.net/forums/

Join us on our launch friday the 4th feb @ 12pm UK Time


Virtual Roleplay is a brand-new Vanilla Altis Life community.

We are working hard to build an altogether fresher Altis Life experience.


Virtual Roleplay focuses on roleplay and offers a fresh perspective on the life server.

We have a whole new in-house framework with custom professions, perk systems, an extensive medical system (quite similar to ACE), a working government system governed by players, and much more!!


We've spent the last 7 months working behind closed doors to create something that everyone will enjoy, and now we're aiming to build the best community possible, headed by individuals that actually care about altis life.


We've opted to set our narrative on Altis during a post-war crisis.


We decided not to go with the stereotypical cops and rebels, so we created three distinct groups. Instead of youre typical police structure, we now have the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (a.k.a. NATO), which comprises of Nato special forces and what is left of the altis police department known as the local police as well as peacekeeping personnel divided into departments from various states. Their objective is to restore peace to Altis, stabilise the situation, and lay the groundwork for a functional Democratic Republic.


Furthermore, we replaced the common Medical department with the International Development & Relief Project (IDAP), a private group that stepped in to offer aid and treatment to the civilian population.



With no parties providing help and support to the Altis Government, NATO Forces have opted to move in to restore peace and order,

following a Congressional Hearing from the US President and consent from Congress. At the same time, IDAP has stepped in to give medical care to Altis' civilians and population.






As a paramedic you fulfil the normal duties of a normal EMS personal

From fractures to gunshot wounds, the Medical Field is not for the faint hearted. In an instant, you can find yourself performing CPR on a patient lying on a surgery table while you and your colleagues try to save them from flatlining. Paramedics can train to become a combat medic and even join the rescue department



As a combat medic you fulfil the normal duties of a normal EMS personal, From fractures to gunshot wounds, but if someone is wounded in the conflict zone a combat medic will be the first responder.



Is a player too far out of reach? Fear not, the IDAP RESCUE department will be able to reach the person in need of help via helicopter.


DISEASE AID  //Coming Soon

With a malaria outbreak raging in Altis, IDAP will help the infected recover healthily, Disease Aid will carry the appropriate medicine for such diseases.











Local Police

You will join as whats left of the Local Police of altis,the local police force will have law enforcement duties among the civilian population.Local Police is under the managment of the armed forces of nato and is responsible for making sure that the population of altis is behaved and keeping to the law, local police have a strict no lethal policy.


In NATOs air force you operate aircrafts like helicopters, VTOLs. You provide any form of necessary air support and specialise in the operation of air vehicles. You're also responsible for providing training to airforce candidates and non-airforce candidates if requested. You work along with other units to provide fire support, cargo/vehicle/people transport and any other type of support the airforce can provide.

NATO Reaction Force (NRF)

The NRF is a joint special forces department. Its mission is surveillance, counter-surveillance, HVT protection, counter-terrorism, espionage and much more. All NRF bootcamp candidates are handpicked from the commander himself, directly from the Local Police branch.


Server Features

We have a long list of features, but we can't reasonably present them all here.

As a result, we'll show you some of our favorites!



The NATO Evidence Storage Facility

All seized firearms, narcotics, and money are housed in the NATO Evidence Storage Facility; loot it for a chance to get it back!

New Black Market System

We now have blackmarket exports and imports on piers all over the country, where you may sell your purified drugs and purchase more advanced tech/weapons, but proceed with caution! NATO monitors all sea and air activities, so you'll need to defend yourself from the opposition and other gangs while your commodities are imported and exported.

Advance Medical System

We now have an ace-like system for dealing with injured players; don't worry, it's not as difficult as you would imagine; in fact, it's a lot simpler than you might expect.



As you can see, it is quite simple to apply the necessary treatments

such as bandages and blood bags,once the injuries have healed,

hit revive to resurrect the player.





Gang Warfare - Archaeology

- Crime syndicates - Crafting - Various Major Crimes, Daily Objectives - New HUD

 Personal Achievement System - Airdrop Events at Random

-- Medical System that is similar to Ace's

- NATO Patrol/Delivery Missions and IDAP

- NATO's criminal database in-game

- Anti-Duplicate Systems

- XP System

- Group Levelling - A Variety of Group Branches

- Random Events - Gas Station,shop - bank and treasury robbery - new blackmarket system - new drug purification system - train stations - Pull out passenger system - custom textures for factions - Solicitor civ job, taxis - drug effects - Nato Panic Button - Data Selling - Undercover System For Nato - IDs and ID forgery - Anti Staff Abuse Features and custom admin menu - Uranium,Tobacco -  NLR System - Seatbelts - Ear Muffle - Balanced economy - Easter eggs - Local Police ANPR System - Reputation system - Elections system - Donation rewards - Icons and custom taglines above head and much more!






If this sounds interesting to you, please visit and join our discord server and website!


Discord: https://discord.gg/virtualroleplay

Website: virtualroleplay.net

We hope to see you around on altis,



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