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Ascension Roleplay | Grand Re-Opening!

Ascension Roleplay

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Ascension Roleplay
Est. 2019

Gunpowder, bullets, roleplay - the recipe for our server.
Combining the best elements of Combat & Roleplay, all will feel at home.

Utilising only in-house developed scripts and a completely custom base framework (No AltisLife Base etc
), we have created a truly unique and immersive experience that we plan to expand upon in the future. I will leave all the details below if you want to jump straight in, but please read on if you want to find out more about what we have to offer.


Server IP - play.ascrp.co.uk | Discordhttps://discord.gg/NqxqB8urau | Teamspeak - ts.ascrp.co.uk | Forums https://ascrp.co.uk/

Join us on our re-opening Sunday the 2nd Jan @ 5PM UK Time and claim this awesome rewards!


Server Features
Whilst we have an extensive list of features, we cannot possibly show them all here. So we will show you some of the ones we are most proud of!

Fully Fleshed out Economy and Market!

With many ways to make money and build your legal or criminal empire you will never be bored of earning that sweet, sweet cash!
Our Dynamic market will react to trends on the island and the principles of supply and demand play out very well.

As well as traditional "Runs" such as hauling and processing drugs, endangered animals or local minerals such as Copper, Oil & Iron, we also have many unique ways to earn money. Such as a Archaeology System, Gang Fights, Personal Goals and Major Crimes!

Personal Goals

Every day & every week, when you login to the server you will be greeted with a set of tasks to complete. This can be a variety of things and reward depending on what tier you reach!
We have Tier 1, 2 & 3. 1 being the easiest to complete and 3 is completing the whole task. Depending on your tier you will receive varying rewards such as Weapons, Money, Vehicle skins and items!

3 Fully Fleshed out Factions

This includes the Police, Medics and our Rebel faction the Altis Liberation Army. These all have spots open across the command chain so if you are interested in any of them, please get involved and reach out on Discord, I'm happy to discuss with anyone :)

Quick Fire List
Here's a quick a dirty list of all the other features in our server followed by some screenshots :)
- Custom Achievements - Airdrops - Archaeology - Gang Wars - Cartels - Crafting - Many Different Major Crimes - Conquest, a custom special combat event - Car Dealerships and Garaging/Customising - Personal Goals - Housing - Custom HUD - Unique Anti-Dupe Inventory - Custom Levelling - Custom Group Levelling - Multiple Different Group Choices all with their own Unlockable Perks - Ace like Medical System - Patrol/Delivery Missions - PNC for cops allowing them to add notes and check backgrounds of suspects in-game - Prison - Random Events(Airdrops, Conquest, Shipwrecks) - Gas Station/Jewellery Store Robberies and much more!



Personal Groups


Group unlockable perks
(This example is our Political Group type, we have two others, Criminal & Legal each with their own set of unlockable perks)


Personal Perk System



Cartel System
(Leads to amazing dynamic combat between gangs!)


If any of this interests you, please come check us out! We will be more than happy to have you :)

Server IP - play.ascrp.co.uk | Discordhttps://discord.gg/NqxqB8urau | Teamspeak - ts.ascrp.co.uk | Forums https://ascrp.co.uk/

Thanks for reading!



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