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Mission Quick Mover v2

Drunken Cheetah

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In response to my previous thread located here > 

I am releasing version 2.0 of the Mission Quick Mover


  • Renamed to Arma 3 Tools
  • Added ini file save/load options
  • Added ability to delete the saved file
  • Ability to open the folders (MPMissionCache & MPMission)


This version is rebuilt in Visual Studio 2019, on version 21H2 of Windows 11

Pre-requirements(target framework): .Net Framework 4.7.2

In order to save/load the settings you must keep the IniFile.dll with the program. This is the core file to handle the saving of the inifile, and loading of the inifile (remembering what you saved, and loading when you open the program)


Details about the program

The program was designed to help mission testers, quickly and efficiently test their mission without needing to re-download the mission every time you make changes. Simply, set your folder paths & select the pbo. When you join the test server, you wont need to re-download the mission everytime. The program was designed to help myself quickly test changes in my own missions.


Known Issues:
When saving the settings, you sometimes need to press save twice, I think it has something to do with the inifile.dll not being upto date with windows 11, but I could be wrong. If in doubt, always just save settings twice.


Error Information:

e-10647 - You have either not correctly re-pbo your mission folder, or Arma is caching the pbo. Please check you have re-pbo your mission folder, if you have please close Arma and try again.
e-10646 - The path to the PBO cannot be found. You're file name must include .pbo
e-10645 - You're MPMissionCache folder can't be detected. Please make sure the path is C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache
e-10644 - We couldn't detect any folder called Arma 3 in C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local 


You can view extra details if you click the ? in the controlbox.





Any issues, please contact me here.


Virus Scan:


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