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Custom mod "Not signed by a key accepted by this server

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I am in the process of setting up my Altis life server and am using a custom mod that I built for police vehicles. This morning I updated the mod with a new texture and have been consistently getting the \filename.pbo Not signed by a key accepted by this server, despite repacking the pbo, re signing and reuploading the keys to the server multiple times. I am not sure where I am going wrong, as it was working before this. 

The mod is currently saved in the !Workshop folder, and the files I use to update the mod are saved in my local file structure. 

Hosted with GTX, Altis Life 5.0

I have attached my logs for this. Thank you in advance!


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A more recent attempt (after a complete server and mod rebuild) Gave this error in the log:

Client PBO could not be verified: @Project_Narnia_EmergencyVehicles\addons\project narnia emergency vehicles.pbo


Anyone have any ideas at all??

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Fix was pretty straight forward: delete the mod from client side and then download the mod once more from the arma 3 launcher when I go to join the server. Updated keys and files now match the server side mod upload. If it doesn’t work first time, go to the mod in the mod manager and repair. 

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