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Achilles Roleplay - Classic Arma Takistan Life


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Achilles Roleplay was formed this year with experienced Arma 3 players. We were brought together out of the dying ashes of Arma 2 Takistan Life community with one goal… To succeed where other life communities have failed to provide serious roleplay for their members. To provide a new style of Life. How will our server become successful? What makes Spartan so great? That answer is simple. You, the one currently reading this. Its people like you who makes us want to become the best Takistan Community since the early does of Arma 3.

The server is in its early days and we are looking for people to join the 2 main factions, Nato (Blufor) and South Government which is a opfor faction and is sometime new to takistan life, those in the south government rule the south and can take on the north. War can be declared on both sides.. what path will you take?

Our community was developed to bring back the classic Takistan experience from Arma II. Do you miss the days of Arma 2? with the enjoyment of playing takistan life, where we would connect to our favourite server and play all night long with our friends, becoming the president of the north, gaining loyal supports to your cause, while increasing the taxes and becoming very rich in the process of this the south government forming and declaring war on our state, causing major tension between both sides. This is just one of many great memories I personally had and I am sure others have many great memories.

  • Below are just a handful of the features we have to other,
  • Experience system, earn XP and unlock perks to make your experience better.
  • Government system (weekly elections, change laws, increase taxes etc).
  • South government system (Opfor) Allows people to take on the government of the North.
  • Civilians and Police side missions to earn extra money.
  • Working housing system.
  • Threat level system.
  • Major crimes (rob the casino, bank, federal reserve and fuel stations)
  • Convoy missions.
  • Casino (Blackjack and slots)

The United Nations
The United Nations are an international organisation which has been placed into Takistan to deal with the arising corruption from the two governments. The Factions main roles are to assist civilians in time of aid, Protect their human rights if they are about to be breached or have been breached and to also join the police in the job of preventing drug trafficking, Slavery & terrorism. The overall role of the United Nations is to man the Checkpoints on the west and east side of the borderline preventing any illegal border crossings or breaches of laws. As you progress through the ranks more privileges will become available to you allowing you to do a wider variety of things which also comes with the increased amount of leadership that you will gain.

NATO Forces

The NATO forces are the backbone of protecting the North from crime and terror attacks, the faction consists of 12 ranks you can work your way through, based on the us army rank structure. You can go into specialisations like air support or counter terrorism support firearms team and fight terrorism at the heart of its cause, join the nato forces and protect the thriving place of Takistan and protect the country in this vital economical time.

Discord: https://discord.gg/wEDK77PAuR

Few sneak peaks of the server












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