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Altis Life Server looking for staff and development members

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Hey there! My name is Alex // MLGee. I am part of an upcoming ArmA 3 community, me being in charge of TeamSpeak & ArmA 3 Altis Life. The Altis Life Server itself has gotten a few weeks of treatment, meaning there is still lots and lots of room for improvement and ideas!


that’s where YOU come into play. I need members of staff, who are dedicated in bringing an Altis Life project to Life and be a Part of it’s uprise and growth. All used platforms are paid to 100%, all you need is a little bit of experience and fun at what you are doing! Following positions need filling atm:


- Developer

- Police Director

- Medical Director

- Military Director

- TeamSpeak Dev

- Moderators (momentarily used for testing reasons and to gather intel about what needs fixing fast)


The goal would be reaching an early access phase within a month. All positions mentioned get their own working responsibility and freedom. 

For those of you, who do not have interest in any of the positions mentioned, or need more information, go ahead and jump into messages as well if you have any idea that could include YOU that has not been mentioned!


Those of you who want to have a go and be a part of our team, simply throw me a message here, or add me on discord:


Thanks for your attention and thank you guys in advance,


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