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I have a problem with my NPC for driving on a modded map... Stay here, and take a coffee :


Task : Moving a vehicle by AI driver in group player (Very simple)... Wait...


I make a modification of Silverlake map, so I place road, make my "RoadsLib.cfg" clean and place inside for each road "AIpathOffset = 0;"... No problem ! But when I'm in game (On server or on Eden Editor, with mod or without mod), my NPC don't move each try... I need to return in Eden or restart server, try again and see if AI move on vehicle... I can try 10 time with no result, but sometime that work ! I have install ENIGMA TRAFFIC SYSTEM on server, and no problem with that, NPC traffic move each time... I advertise you, it's strange (for me).

More strange, I have test with a lot of vehicle (vanilla), and AI drive all time a Strider and tanks without problem, but with a Zamak, Quad or pickup, ... for example, he don't move !

Help ? :D Thanks

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