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Hello everyone, Arma 3 has changed some software coding after a new update, so some servers and more precisely, all servers do not show the extensions of Weapons. 

Someone shared the following method as hotfix for this critical issue before, I wanted to open such a topic for server owners who are not aware of this. 


open your -->> core\shops --> cfn_weaponshopselection  <<-- -->> Replace with the codes in Pastebin below link

https://pastebin.com/iKJcR8qH -->> Sources Kasztura <<-- ( I just edited it a little bit. -->>

after the -->> open your core\functions -->> fn_acctype <<-- -->> Replace with the codes in Pastebin below link.

(The reason we changed this file is because the scope and silencers of the weapons did not come to the weapon automatically. If you change this file, the problem will be solved. I have no idea for v4.4. In general, it should be fixed, but if it doesn't, I don't have any idea. I'm sure everything works fine.)



If you have any problems, feel free to send the RPT logs. Have fun. 



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