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Server Issues Please Help...!!!!!!

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Hi, I Have Server Problems, You're Helping

Everyone Is Killed By Crushing Them With A Car..

I'm having trouble finding the Altis Life Rpg server Startup BAT file
I just want to use my custom mode when the server is opened-verifySignatures 2-verifySignatures 1 ( I can't log in with the mode when I do this )

Can You Help Me, Urgent?





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Frist thing is get the (TADST) from this link:
and you need to install Arma 3 tools from Steam Library

Before you go to the second step did you signed you mod  or mod that you used is signed? if it no then go to Second step


Second thing is you need to create a key create from Arma 3 tools 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\DSSignFile


1- Open DSUtils.exe and make new key like this

2- Name your key and save it where do you want and press Create key


3- After you create you key and save it now you must sign you mod by open you mod folder


it must be like this 


4- List thing is Press to Process files if you want to Force V2 you must check it Before Pressing Process files


Now it must be showed like this 

List thing is open where you save your key and copy it and place it in your server folder called keys or key  

and open TADST and fill it if you don`t know how to use it watch this video:



Go to tap called Rules it Must be like this

and make sure you mod is checked


You Ready to Go!

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