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Add an image onto billboards

[TWS] The Vaiil

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                           Author:  BSLewis

  This is a quick tutorial on how to add an image to your billboard signs like this:

There are 2 separate ways to code these signs with the image, we will do the easiest. 
You simply go into the mission editor and create an empty billboard and paste in the code

Then go into the Intilization section and type this:


this allowDamage false; this setObjectTexture [0, "images\YOURIMAGEHERE.jpg"]

Your image should be 512x256. 

Then reupload your mission.sqm to your server.

Annnnnnnd done...

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2 hours ago, Ibailzy said:

I'm a bit new to editor, how do you add the image you want? Like where does the image need to be placed for it to work? This is going into a server.

this allowDamage false; this setObjectTexture [0, "images\YOURIMAGEHERE.jpg"]

the images\yourimagehere

indicates that it is in the images folder, you can change it to textures\image.jpg to make it your textures folder!

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3 hours ago, ToxicFFS said:

do you mean  size of the picture ??     what size should it be in ??  i use Texview2 to convert my PNG files to paa

It basically has to be a power of two or a multiple of 256...so 512x512 or 512x256, or 1048x1048 or 1048x512 or 2048x2048 or 2048x1024.....if you do 1024x500 it wont show properly, likewise if you do 1920x1080 it won't work properly.

You can't have 1024x256 or 2048x512.....it has to be half of the highest number or equal sizes. The billboards should ideally be 2048 (width) x1024 (height) for best quality.

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