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Mission Quick Mover

Drunken Cheetah

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I've recently created a simple program in VB.net, which will help mission testers, test there mission.


All it does is moves the pbo to the mpmissioncache folder so when you join your local server you don't need to download any mission after you've changed 1 line of code.


It's rather simple, yet quicker.


To be use: run the program from anywhere you'd like, choose your mpmissioncache folder and the pbo mission, then click move pbo.

A file will be saved, which contains the path to both so next time you run the program it will remember your choices.


Run the server using tadst and choose to run the mission from the pbo instead of the folder. 

If you run into any errors, don't hesitate to post below. I'll get it sorted asap. 





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