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[RLG] Malden Life Roleplay


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Hello! I am Jamesss, one of the three founders here at RLG.

We are a server that pride ourselves on a good balance of roleplay and interactive combat, catering to all kinds of players, we are also unmodded.

We have a wide array of experience amongst our staff team and faction leads, and we already have an established community of over one hundred members, even before the server has officially launched.

We will be starting a beta test for the server over the coming days, and would like to invite you all to be a part of it, before the server fully releases to the public!

Our server has:

A dynamic conflict on the island between the Police Force loyal to the Malden Republic and A lot of custom scripts,
including a custom GUI and HUD An established and experienced management team An experienced and constantly improving development team A wide array of server flavour,
multiple end-game activities such as a Federal Reserve robbery and a raid of the Gold Reserve ,
including a governor, car radios, bounty systems, And much, much more to be discovered and to come!

Again if you are looking to come along and join us from the start, here are the links to all the socials:

Discord : https://discord.gg/4tdh7eGyk2

Forums : https://rlgroleplay.co.uk/

TeamSpeak : RLGRoleplay


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