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OFFICIAL ARMA3/dtoxgaming life servers

Real Altis; The Server of All Servers. 

Website: http://www.RealAltis.com 

TeamSpeak: ts.dtoxgaming.com 


DToX Gaming (Altis-Life) - 

DToX Gaming (LakeSide)(Mods Needed) - 

Server Hosting Specs: Dual Intel E5-2699v3 20Gb Fiber Connection Intel Datacenter P3608 – 4,500MB/s Daily Backups. 

Donations: Any donations to this server will only be used for: Community Giveaways (Gaming Keyboards, Gaming Mice, Gaming Headsets, TrackIR, GPU's, Oculus, Games, In-Game Items, Server Improvements/Maintenance, etc.)  Please contact us if you would like to donate. 

Community Roles Needed: Lakeside Police, Corrections Officers, Sheriffs Office, Assistant Mayor, Assistant Governor, and Medical Professionals, etc. 

As our server develops a community base, we are looking for the following roles; Scripters, 
Website Developers, Forum Moderators, Texture Artists, 3D Modelers, any staff role than can contribute to the community. 

Lakeside: The lakeside server is currently unwhitelisted.  This will change once most, or all roles are filled. (Lakeside Mod Download in the Lakeside sever tab): www.realaltis.com 
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Your DataCenter shows you don't know much about servers or ArmA.

"With up to 22 physical cores on each CPU."

"With Nvidia GTX 1080's we can deliver the best performance in 3-D and Physics for the experience you expect."

I'm not sure what would be funnier; if your DC was really a gaming PC in your basement, or you actually put graphics cards in a server.

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