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Found 3 results

  1. Background Information We here at CLRP are looking to give you the best roleplaying experience that anyone can offer. We started developing CLRP back in June and have been working hard ever sense to get the best content and to make sure players have stuff to do around the map. We have now decided that the server is ready for a launch. We are testing the last stuff on the dedi box to make sure everything runs smooth at the release. We are a Whitelisted community where you have to apply to join. You make an application and when that gets accepted you will have an interview where we can make sure that you are fit for the server and that you understand all of the rules. Application can be made here https://www.classicliferp.com/forum/40-whitelisting-application/ after you have signed up for the website.WebsiteThe current website can be found here: www.classicliferp.com please note that the website is still in development and has progressed a lot since the few days we have been working on it and will proceed to be developed further.TeamspeakWe currently have a teamspeak server which is the main priority at this current time. You can connect using the following ip: vs25.tserverhq.com:6013 Join if you have any questions or feel free to just hang around. Game ServerThe major thing that every community needs. We have a very powerful server that is running 24/7 for maximum up time so we try to have as few issues as possible.Staff 18+Current Application Status - OpenAs of being a new community, we are currently looking for a dedicated and mature staff team to help and ensure the community is running smoothly at all times.Open Positions:AdminModeratorTrial StaffPD Applications are Open Our PD apps are currently open and anyone above the age of 18 can apply. -Lakeside Patrol-Department Of Corrections-EMS Applications are Open Our EMS apps are currently open and anyone who is whitelisted can apply.DevelopmentDue to the community as a whole being in high development we are always looking to take on as many developers as possible.Positions:Game Server DeveloperObject BuilderTerrain DevelopmentKind regards,Hanks Kingston Community Founder
  2. I appoligize if this not where I post app but I'm very interested in becoming a recruit EMT or Police officer..
  3. Going to keep this short & sweet. http://www.LSRPUK.tk Brand new custom made LakeSide server up and running ready for people to try out. The server is whitelisted, meaning you will have to apply to get in. This allows us to weed off the trigger happy kids, and allow solid roleplay experiences. If any more information is needed, don't hesitate to ask.
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