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  1. Hello Everyone, My name is James and I am one of the Staff members over on Arma Life Roleplay. We are a community of more than 17,000 registered members, with a high member activity rate. The community was founded in late 2016. We are a Roleplay based Arma 3 Life community with our own custom made modpack, unique framework and features you have probably never seen before. The Communities Staff and Management team is very experienced in running communities and many of us have been with the Community from the very beginning. We very recently have relaunched back on our Original Lakeside map with many new features and additions thanks to our talented development team. There are many Perks and Opportunities that await you upon joining. Not only is the starting money set high and server events being regularly held but the most exciting part is that you can choose from over 170 gangs to take over for free. This includes custom textures and gang shops. The server is made so you don't have to grind, and is very fun oriented,therefore an enjoyable and fun experience is ensured. We have an active player base as well as an active & mature staff team. Our development team is comprised of very talented individuals that bring in new content on a consistent basis. If you have any questions feel free to join the Teamspeak Server and/or our Discord server which you can find the invite link to on our Community website @armaliferp.co.uk. Server Features: Unique Framework Regular Server events Dynamic Economy Skill point (perk) system Custom map High starting money (100k) Less Grind, easier farming (applies for illegal & legal jobs) Casino Random weapon crate system Gambling system (blackjack, slots and more) Fully custom Interfaces & Menus Easy money making system Evidence collecting/destroying system Evidence Locker Raid Gang Bases Capturable gang hideouts Interior Prison Breaks Capturable Cartel convoys with big rewards Gang Zones Gang Warfare Gold Reserve Robberies Capturable Gold convoys with big rewards Bank Robberies D.O.C/Jail Raids Blackmarket Custom Gang uniforms & vehicle textures Custom Gang shops Capturable Bandit convoys with big rewards Job system with many jobs Custom vehicle tuning shop Custom buildings Insurance system Police Database Advanced drug farming system Various factions (LSPD,LVMS, DOJ) Gas Station & Store robberies Enhanced movement And many more. Community Information: Website: armaliferp.co.uk Teamspeak IP: ts.armaliferp.co.uk Server IP: | Port: 2302 | Alternatively, search for ALRP via Filter. Download information can be found on the Website and Teamspeak. Please do not hesitate to consult Staff with any questions or concerns you might have. We hope to see you on the Server! Many Thanks, ALRP Staff Team
  2. Title: [UK][TLG] Three Lions Gaming | 30+ Unique features Server IP: Slots: 100 Website: http://www.three-lions-gaming.co.uk/ Factions: Altis Armed Forces Altis Police Department Altis Rebel Alliance Civilian Emergency Medical Services Careers: Bounty Hunter Hitman Journalist Mayor Military Police (AAF) Port Authority Service Worker Rebel Militia (ARA) S.A.F. (AAF) Task Force Operative (APD) Terrorist (ARA) UAV Operator (AAF) Most Unique Features: ATM & Bank Systems: The SUATMM Bank based in Kavala can be robbed by regular civilians, triggering a small-scale "raid". Each ATM machine across the island has a completely remade interface designed to look and function like a real ATM. The Bank offers premium insurance (available at ATMs as well), where players can protect what they have in the bank. Customised Map: Our map has been constructed from scratch. NPCs weren't just moved, they were completely remade to ensure our map is unlike anyone else's. Some locations have even been completely rebuilt to better the atmosphere you have when playing. Our map is based around a Civil War scenario, in which half of the local population have started an uprising against the NATO assisted Altis Armed Forces. Go-Karting, Paint-balling and Gambling: Most servers have Go-karts available, and some form of "Paintballing"... in our server, we've created an actual race mode for the Go-Karting, based around the track at the airport. The Paint-balling itself is held inside a customised arena with a "Capture the Flag" style play... and the best part? All of this can be gambled upon from a local Gambling shop in one of four key towns around the map by any other players. If these events aren't on, players can try their luck at betting on the horses and listening to them win (or lose) on the radio. Map Filtering: The Map can always be quite cluttered with all the markers on it. Our server allows you to toggle off certain markers to better clear up your experience... which is especially useful when tracking other individuals. Morality: Morality is something we included to help separate players based on their wants and needs. Some players would prefer to just rob citizens, and shoot people, and with morality these players are branded as "Bad" players. They receive unique unlocks associated with their morality and can further themselves by pursuing a life of crime... other players that wish to remain on the side of law and perform "Good" actions can remain as such, largely going un-punished by Hitmen, and sticking to earning cash the hard way... they gain unique unlocks and perks as they progress on the side of Good. Quest: The Quest is mostly a secret thing in our version of Altis Life... you interact with "Dodgy Dave", a guy who served hard time a long time ago for a heist that went wrong, but has come back with a plan to get his stolen ATM back! Earning a variety of rewards as you go along, the Quest Line ultimately gives you the ability to summon your own pet dog! Player revealing: In most scenarios, players are required to track one another across the map of Altis. Several methods reveal a player's location dependent on a unique perk system in place. Players can hack, spy, detect, inspect or coerce information in order to obtain the whereabouts of other players. It even goes down to having a "Forensics Kit" and studying corpses as a Police Officer to determine who a killer might be, if there were no witnesses to the crime! Unique Texturing: The majority of our texturing is custom done to fit our server. From billboards to uniforms, most of our textures are developed in-house. *** Unfortunately, I don't have pictures or a video yet. The video displayed on our website is mostly out-dated, as we went through an entire interface overhaul after that video was made... that said, all our features can be viewed with a picture on our website *** This was a preview video meant for our existing community members, which was recorded in the editor mode... It shows an overview of the modified "Kavala Square" and the Port Authority area. https://plays.tv/s/LSTfjsWyNRvW
  3. Hello everybody, welcome to Afflicted Gaming Takistan Life, as of recent Takistan fell off the radar of life mods as it was all the same thing we, however, bring something fresh, unique and worked on with pride and joy to the table. Afflicted Gaming Takistan Life is about a new experience we have a highly in-depth leveling system (Courtesy of Maverick) as shown below along with multiple other things that are completely custom and scripted by us, we as a community value the player, that is why we are here and as such every and any suggestions are carefully looked at and a vote is cast to see if it is wanted, the players opinion matters to us so suggestions go a very long way. A few of our features are as follows! -In-depth leveling system -Airdrops -An in-game progression system (You must work your way through the tiers of being a criminal, rob the bank and use the fruits of your labor to craft the next tier of tools and so on) -Multiple things to rob such as the highly unique NATO Reserves, dependent on which one you rob you will get different equipment, rob the armory and vehicles reserve to get NATO Weaponry and vehicles or the NATO Air Reserve to get hinds etc -Want to do drug runs or carry illegal items to the main city? well, you had better think of a plan to get through the border! smuggle someone in the trunk of your car or jump it in style! -Loot "No Mans Land" for vehicle components counterfeit cash or weapons but, be careful as you may find yourself being shot at in the process! -If you want higher tier weaponry you must advance in the progression system to get access to the "Highly Illegal Zone" where RDM Rules don't apply but you are able to buy the best equipment at such a place! -Multiple stages of convoys are on this server, the Takistan Bank Transport, NATO Weapons Convoy and last but certainly not least the NATO Ruthenium Transport, a rare material used for crafting the pneumatic drill for robbing the air reserve! -Split province, The northern side of the border is controlled by NATO Forces and where most of the civilian population live in peace until the rebels attack & the south side, rebel-controlled lands with no law or order, NATO will sometimes carry out co-coordinated attack on the south to ensure the northern population are not in peril -Viper, the special forces of the rebel side of things, they have access to enhanced prototype equipment and weaponry and are accessible by respected people in the community, when someone receives enough +1's on the forums they are granted access to the Viper HQ, NATO Will sometimes attack Viper headquarters and vice versa making it an on-going conflict between the 2 sides -Vehicle customization pimp your ride! choose your color, add nitro or other things soon to come! (Courtesy of maverick) Soon To Come -Armed Patrol, an armed orca fitted with a 6.5 Gatling gun will loiter around a town on the east most side of the map firing at any civilians within 100m of it however successfully shoot down the menace and claim your reward -Your suggestions! That is just a few of many many features on the server, there are also some screenshots below you may want to look at! Media For the full gallery click here! For the website click here! For the forums click here! For the installation tutorial click here! Thank you for reading this thread, we have put blood sweat and tears into making this a reality, I hope to see some of you in-game -Regards Brandon (TaskForceTactical)
  4. Hello everyone! I'm Veteran , the Founder + Head Game Developer over at OPG. (Over Powered Gamers). Today I'm here to share my awesome new Lakeside Valley server. I've been working on A3 projects for a while , mainly life mods. Through a long experience , i've taught myself the coding. Learnt the framework off the back of my hand. (My experience is shown in my life mod "Capital Life" , which is Chernarus RP.) The unique aspects of my Lakeside server are as listed: Mafia System (Still a heavy W.I.P) Each Police Department (eg DTU) gets their own base Many more assets Well maintained map (will , and is , frequently updated. With new buildings added etc) Much more! We are based upon the old "Critical Gaming" server file. But unlike most people , I have been given a full go-ahead by my friends over at CG. (He is the Project Lead / Manager) AKA one rank below the Financial Managers. Over at OPG Lakeside we already have many people trained , and rearing to go. Chief Commissioner , Asst. Chief Commissioner , DTU Captain , Lakeside Patrol Captain and finally EMS Chief / Captain. We are also still recruiting for all the other ranks , the most needed being SERT Captain. Thanks for Reading! If you're interested please check us out at : CapitallifeOPG (Our site has the REPO link , TS IP + Server IP listed.) Cheers! Veteran...
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