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Found 6 results

  1. XfinityGaming is an Arma 3 Community looking to bring back the Takistan Life that we all know and love with a few modern twists. Our member count currently is quite small but we are hoping to increase that over the coming months. Our current aim is to create a Takistan Life Server for Arma 3. We are currently looking for NATO, TSF and EMS Command as well as Staff and Developer positions. Where to contact us: Website - https://www.xfinitygaming.co.uk/ Discord - https://discord.gg/bjZmrqW Steam Group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/XGCommunity Kind Regards, John O'Connor Founder - XfinityGaming
  2. Looking for a fresh start? A new beginning? A different experience? Come join British Life Roleplay Roleplay! Click Here to join our community! TeamSpeak Server: ts3.britishliferoleplay.co.uk Server Details: IP: Port: 2302 With a custom and unique government system like no other, lots of legal and illegal activities and a refreshing town centre, British Life Roleplay is the new community looking to bring you an experience like no other! Our Police force is built off trust and experience, giving you, the player the change to interact with them without the fear of corruption, and the ANHS is only a phone call way using our phone system, to review you when you crash your car with its custom registration plate! Once you’ve retrieve your car from the impound lot, you can head over to Kavala City Centre, which is easy to navigate and has a wide range of stores, ranging from clothing to firearms. The wider map has been heavily edited and developed, it includes a bank and the Alits Reserve allowing you to take your pick of cash or gold! Please note: Our website is currently down for maintenance and will be up again shotrly. Thank you for your understanding. We’re currently looking for willing paramedics and brave police officers to counter our strong rebel force, do you have what it takes? Come and find out at ts3.britishliferoleplay.co.uk! Phone Script credited to Maverick Other Scrips credited to the amazing work from the guys and gals at www.the-programmer.com
  3. The Opening of the server is on 3/2/18 (M/D/Y) 9:00 AM central time. Northern Star Roleplay is a new and coming roleplay community that is based on Malden. This server will have scripts made by the Northern Star development team. These scripts will put you in an immersive setting. When you join the server you will be pulled into a custom ID card interface, that you can customize who you are, where you are from, your birth date. Then you will be sucked into another screen that will ask you to put in a bank account number. Make sure you remember that password, due to that you will need to use it when you pull money out of an ATM. We have a skill menu involved so you can level up and make your life easier over time. Many things that this skill menu has is unlimited repair kits and many more options that we would not like to spoil. Also to get advance licenses as in rebel and pilots license you will have to unlock thru the skill trees. Northern Star Roleplay is a server that has been in development for about a year. We have tried to make it so when you play you will have to work for the things you do and make it a bit harder to get crazy weapons right as you start your life within Northern Star. Northern Star Roleplay has cops and EMS they both have a team of commissioners and chiefs ready to help you with any questions that you may have also both departments are ready to hire anybody that wants to join. We also have a staff team ready to assist you with any of your needs. The map that we are using is Malden and we have custom buildings on the map such as a custom jail, PD, and border wall. This border wall separates the north and south with a checkpoint. The wall has two ways to get thru the first way is with the checkpoint and the other is jumping the wall in the forest. Server IP: Server Port: 2302 Website: http://northernstarrp.com/ TeamSpeak: ts3.northernstarrp.com More info will be added as the server develops!!!
  4. IP: Port: 2317 http://sttg.tv/forums/ Check out the forums and come join us on the server, we have spent the past month completely customizing our altis life map and adding in lots of extra features to keep you entertained. Some of our features: XP/Skill System Whitelisted Cops/Medics Gang HQs, Gang Bases (coming soon), Bounty Hunter Career, Custom map locations, 3 Part Meth Production with advanced blue meth production with combination of skills/licences, Radiation Zones, Police road checkpoints, New patdown/seize mechanic for cops, Bounty Hunter zipties, Housing, 100k Starting Cash, Events run on server at festive periods (ie xmas, easter, etc.) Teamspeak, Friendly Admins, Custom developed menu systems, Customized Dynamic Market system, Multiple extra legal careers (tobacco + in dev [baker,lumber man,breakdown,tow service,lawyer,mayor]), Custom intro screen and spawn select, Lots of extra stuff being added into the server on a weekly basis with updates every Friday :-)
  5. Elemental Gaming Hello everyone, Elemental gaming is a server that has been in development for 3 months. There is good developers and frequent updates. There is active staff and a well structured police force. The server is hosted on a dedicated box in France and has good FPS on the server. We are looking for police members and civilians. If interested here are the links: Ts: Website: http://elementalgaming.pcriot.com/ Server Ip: We hope to see you, Caz.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm Veteran , the Founder + Head Game Developer over at OPG. (Over Powered Gamers). Today I'm here to share my awesome new Lakeside Valley server. I've been working on A3 projects for a while , mainly life mods. Through a long experience , i've taught myself the coding. Learnt the framework off the back of my hand. (My experience is shown in my life mod "Capital Life" , which is Chernarus RP.) The unique aspects of my Lakeside server are as listed: Mafia System (Still a heavy W.I.P) Each Police Department (eg DTU) gets their own base Many more assets Well maintained map (will , and is , frequently updated. With new buildings added etc) Much more! We are based upon the old "Critical Gaming" server file. But unlike most people , I have been given a full go-ahead by my friends over at CG. (He is the Project Lead / Manager) AKA one rank below the Financial Managers. Over at OPG Lakeside we already have many people trained , and rearing to go. Chief Commissioner , Asst. Chief Commissioner , DTU Captain , Lakeside Patrol Captain and finally EMS Chief / Captain. We are also still recruiting for all the other ranks , the most needed being SERT Captain. Thanks for Reading! If you're interested please check us out at : CapitallifeOPG (Our site has the REPO link , TS IP + Server IP listed.) Cheers! Veteran...
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