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Found 9 results

  1. Hello and welcome what does my tutorial? eventuelly you never noticed or you just ignored it: your glitching cam when jumping in Altis/Tanoa Life. my tutorial solves this litle bug and you can play arma 3 with one bug less Step 1. [of 2] Go under "Tanoa_Life.Tanoa\core\functions\network" in the file "fn_jumpFnc.sqf and replace everything in there with this: /* File: fn_jumpFnc.sqf Author: Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine Description: Makes the target jump. */ private ["_unit","_vel","_dir","_v1","_v2","_anim","_oldpos"]; _unit = [_this,0,objNull
  2. Simple Life Roleplay ——————————————————————— Discord: CLICK HERE About us: We are a new Tanoa Life RP Server that has weekly updates, friendly players, friendly staff, and a good start to help your experience be the best it can! We currently are doing weekly updates to fix all the bugs, so you guys can have the best experience you possibly can! We have a $3,000,000 start for every player so you guys can have a good startup and be able to get to doing drug runs and robberies. We have just created this server but we were recently known as Lazy Boy RP.
  3. For noobs. Here are the codes you need to add custom textures for cop uniform skins, medic uniform skins, medic backpack skins, cop backpack skins, medic backpack skins allocated to certain ranks, cop backpack skins allocated to certain ranks etc. File: fn_playerSkins.sqf COP: For adding custom backpack textures: if ((backpack player) == "insertClassnameHere") then { (unitbackpack player) setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"textures\*insertDirectoryHere.jpg"]; }; For adding custom uniform skins assigned to certain ranks: if ((FETCH_CONST(life_coplevel) >= 3) &
  4. Hello! Since i've grabbed so much from here i thought "Why not give something back?" and so i did with Malden gas station positions, but some people said i could write it into a tutorial, so here i am. I did this on 5.0 but it should virtually be the same. (This is also why the file structure is as it is) First off: This is time consuming, i will spare you from getting gas stations manually but most things you'll have to do yourself since it depends on how you customize the map. Please be aware that in this tutorial i will assume you've ported all map objects from Altis/Tanoa over to
  5. Author: RobérioJR Hello, This Is My First Script That I Release, Soon I Will Be Releasing Other Scripts. I Had The Idea Of Writing This Script While Playing PUBG You Need To Install My Mission Base: RJFRAMEWORK.rar Step 1: Download Functions: PainKiller.rar Download PainKiller Icon: painkiller.paa And Put The "PainKiller" Folder In The Folder: "RJ\Scripts" Step 2: Archive: Config_Items.hpp Add This Bellow 'class VirtualItems {': class painkiller { variable = "painkiller"; displayName = "STR_Item_painkiller"; weight = 7; buyPrice = 3500;
  6. Author: Me (I mean, it really wasn't that hard.) Difficulty: Really Easy What does it do? It enables / disables environmental ambient sound by pressing Shift + 0. (People claim that it gives you better FPS.) In my case, it gives me an extra 2 - 6 FPS depending on how much ambient sound there is. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/enableEnvironment I've made it so that it only disables / enables ambient sound. Here it is: Step 1: Go to core\configuration.sqf - Add 'life_environment = 0;' Do it like this: Step 2: Go to core\functions
  7. This is a tutorial on how to fix the placement of Spikestrips. If you place them on a bridge they will go beneath the bridge. This because it sets it at a height of 0. To fix this open the file: core\items\fn_spikeStrip.sqf Find the code _spikeStrip setPos [(getPos _spikeStrip select 0),(getPos _spikeStrip select 1),0]; Then replace it with: _pos = getPosWorld _spikeStrip; _ins = lineIntersectsSurfaces [_pos , _pos vectorAdd [0,0,-50] ,_spikeStrip,objNull,true,1,"GEOM","NONE"]; if ((count _ins) isEqualTo 0) then { _spikeStrip setPos [(getPos _spikeStrip select 0),(getPos
  8. This tutorial has been lost from the forums going down and I found how to do it on another Altis development forum to which I'm translating it for here. ================= Original Post By: Sergueiii ================= Tutorial on how to Separate Civilian and Police Cash & Bank Account *Remember to re-pack @life_server\addons\life_server folder after making these changes. ================= Step 1: Go to your life_server\Functions\MySQL\fn_insertRequest.sqf and modify this: _query = format ["INSERT INTO players (pid, name, cash, bankacc, aliases, co
  9. Hello guys, today I am going to show you how to create your own ts3 Client design. 1. Create an new folder on your Desktop (or anywhere else) name the new created folder styles. 2. go to your TS3 Installation Folder and copy the files from the styles folder to your new created (styles) folder. 3. rename the files 4. go to the ts3design foler and replace the chatlog and logo with your Picture and logo and add a file called bg As an example for size and etc. here our stuff: chatlog.png Logo.png bg.png 5. Now you def
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