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Found 7 results

  1. I've made a few textures during my time on Altis Life, they're not in use any more so I figured why not share here. The textures include my rendition of UK police uniforms and vehicles, along with a few medic vehicles. Here's an album of said textures (class names for uniforms included) Download is attached to this post, enjoy! Textures.rar
  2. hello, I am creating a server of altis life and with the theme of the uniforms of the cop I made, I put them and when they revive me or simply because if the other players do not see me the texture of the uniform or even revive I lose it, I lose it and you see the vanilla arma uniform, in some servers I have seen that they have something some script that by pressing some keys recharges the texture of the uniform and people see it. The only solution I have seen is to go back to the toend and buy it again but it is a waste of time. Someone knows where to get that script or can it happen to me. (I repeat push a few keys and the texture is recharged to the uniform) or some other solution to this problem. thank you very much, I hope answers
  3. Credits: JJ Abrams Image to scale for shop buildings, lots of demand for this.
  4. iv seen many examples of retexturing, some jsut put in a mods folder, some put it in the mission file. where is the best place that ensurs it still works. do i just put it into my server files or the mission pbo?
  5. I been looking for so long for textures for my server for the police UK version If you have some please reply I also looking for civillian stuff It be nice if you could show me some?
  6. I tried archives .tga and .jpg to PAA, and the image dont work good
  7. Rez

    Basic Coding Tutorial

    I made a video on how to do some basic stuff [coding wise] and I did make a couple errors in the video it's self, basic stuff of course like missing a comma, and not putting the right thing where it belongs, etc. Here is the video and if you need any help just post a comment on here or the video.
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