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Found 4 results

  1. Website | Discord | Steam Group Hello and greetings from the team at Arma.Life! We’re an upcoming Arma Life community based on the Takistan map from the CUP Project. Our philosophy is if we like it, we’ll have it! That’s why you’ll see a different mix of styles with our law enforcement, such as the uniform and vehicles; this will be explained later. We market ourselves as a hybrid life server because of this.| Our Mission: • To create a fun and unique project – Almost all of the people that have helped start up Arma.Life was part of an older community, British Borders. As such, our style of roleplay and the management of our community influenced by British Borders. We aim to recreate what we had there, as well as introduce our own ideas. This is why our community has started off on the Takistan map; Arma 2 was where we started from and enjoyed so much. • To maintain realism, not accuracy – While some may consider the two inseparable, we must remember that this is a game and must be flexible. If we were to limit certain mechanics, cosmetics or gameplay for the sake of ‘accurate realism’ we would be limiting the enjoyability of the game. Instead, we have adopted an open-minded realism approach; as long as it’s not bat-sh*t crazy such as Cops with wands and it’s something that will enhance gameplay, we’ll add it. A great example of this would be our Police Uniform, a blend of German-Greek Police and the emergency vehicles, based on the British. • To be the next big thing – We all know the quote, right? “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” A successful community is a mix between the right people, the right idea and the right platform. We have the right people, we have the right idea and we definitely have the right platform (Arma Franchise) and we plan to stick with Arma 3 and beyond for as long as possible. Basically, we’re in it for the long-run. Now then! Let’s get talking about our main features. • Takistan Map – We are convinced the Takistan Map is most suited for roleplay on Arma 3; It’s not too big nor too small and can comfortably accommodate quality roleplay for as little as 10 people to as many as 100 people in our experience. The shops and other locations are evenly spaced out for balance and we’re analysing the information we receive about the locations and adjusting accordingly. • Takistan Divided – North and South Takistan are divided by a border that spans the entirety of the map. To get across, players must enter through one of two checkpoints or cross illegally. We have plans to introduce a secondary, separatist persistent government that can be set up by players when they meet the minimum numbers and requirements. • Unique Points System – While this is more of a community feature, it directly affects in-game roleplay. We are proudly unmonetized and don’t agree with monetization at all. Instead, we have introduced a points system where members can gain points by communicating on our Discord and getting involved in the discussions. Points are automatically gained as soon as they join our Discord and start messaging. These points can then be used for in-game tiers from 1-3 which contain exclusive vehicles, items, and weapons to use. As everyone can earn points and use them, Bohemia Interactive have given us the green light to use this system. In the future, points will be an additional in-game currency where they can be used for purchases within the game itself. And here are our other numerous important features: • Open factions – You do not need to be a member or apply to play any of our official factions, which are Police, United Nations, EMS/THS and of course, civilian. • Custom Hospital System – If you’re knocked unconscious, there is a chance you will need to be treated at the hospital. • Various The Programmer Scripts such as Government, Companies, Drugs, Police Dispatch and more. • Multiple Civilian Jobs • Custom Number Plates • Black Market that moves regularly • Jail Break System • Casino Betting, Slots. • Additional Money Making Opportunities, such as slaves that slowly gather money • Faction Weapon Locker • Awesome Custom Skins • Court House Roleplay • Zipties, Gags and Blindfolds’ (For them special moments) • Terrorists & Insurgents • 3 Month Persistence followed by a Battle Royale Purge, with the winner(s) receiving significant money boosts for the next cycle. • South Government System (planned) • War System (planned, North VS South) • Player-owned PMC system (planned, can be done by group/gang system for now) • And so much more! We're scheduled to release Friday 19th July 2019. For the mean time, please see some media below.
  2. XfinityGaming is an Arma 3 Community looking to bring back the Takistan Life that we all know and love with a few modern twists. Our member count currently is quite small but we are hoping to increase that over the coming months. Our current aim is to create a Takistan Life Server for Arma 3. We are currently looking for NATO, TSF and EMS Command as well as Staff and Developer positions. Where to contact us: Website - https://www.xfinitygaming.co.uk/ Discord - https://discord.gg/bjZmrqW Steam Group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/XGCommunity Kind Regards, John O'Connor Founder - XfinityGaming
  3. Hello everybody, welcome to Afflicted Gaming Takistan Life, as of recent Takistan fell off the radar of life mods as it was all the same thing we, however, bring something fresh, unique and worked on with pride and joy to the table. Afflicted Gaming Takistan Life is about a new experience we have a highly in-depth leveling system (Courtesy of Maverick) as shown below along with multiple other things that are completely custom and scripted by us, we as a community value the player, that is why we are here and as such every and any suggestions are carefully looked at and a vote is cast to see if it is wanted, the players opinion matters to us so suggestions go a very long way. A few of our features are as follows! -In-depth leveling system -Airdrops -An in-game progression system (You must work your way through the tiers of being a criminal, rob the bank and use the fruits of your labor to craft the next tier of tools and so on) -Multiple things to rob such as the highly unique NATO Reserves, dependent on which one you rob you will get different equipment, rob the armory and vehicles reserve to get NATO Weaponry and vehicles or the NATO Air Reserve to get hinds etc -Want to do drug runs or carry illegal items to the main city? well, you had better think of a plan to get through the border! smuggle someone in the trunk of your car or jump it in style! -Loot "No Mans Land" for vehicle components counterfeit cash or weapons but, be careful as you may find yourself being shot at in the process! -If you want higher tier weaponry you must advance in the progression system to get access to the "Highly Illegal Zone" where RDM Rules don't apply but you are able to buy the best equipment at such a place! -Multiple stages of convoys are on this server, the Takistan Bank Transport, NATO Weapons Convoy and last but certainly not least the NATO Ruthenium Transport, a rare material used for crafting the pneumatic drill for robbing the air reserve! -Split province, The northern side of the border is controlled by NATO Forces and where most of the civilian population live in peace until the rebels attack & the south side, rebel-controlled lands with no law or order, NATO will sometimes carry out co-coordinated attack on the south to ensure the northern population are not in peril -Viper, the special forces of the rebel side of things, they have access to enhanced prototype equipment and weaponry and are accessible by respected people in the community, when someone receives enough +1's on the forums they are granted access to the Viper HQ, NATO Will sometimes attack Viper headquarters and vice versa making it an on-going conflict between the 2 sides -Vehicle customization pimp your ride! choose your color, add nitro or other things soon to come! (Courtesy of maverick) Soon To Come -Armed Patrol, an armed orca fitted with a 6.5 Gatling gun will loiter around a town on the east most side of the map firing at any civilians within 100m of it however successfully shoot down the menace and claim your reward -Your suggestions! That is just a few of many many features on the server, there are also some screenshots below you may want to look at! Media For the full gallery click here! For the website click here! For the forums click here! For the installation tutorial click here! Thank you for reading this thread, we have put blood sweat and tears into making this a reality, I hope to see some of you in-game -Regards Brandon (TaskForceTactical)
  4. Hello! I would like to introduce to you a project we've been working on for a fair while, we noticed that there were no Takistan Life servers active in Australia / New Zealand, so decided to solve that solution by working on our own. A little bit about us, we're a small group of experienced server operators, we've been working on Altis Life since almost the beginning throughout many communities, and we're looking to settle down into Takistan Life due to the lack of servers offering it. We are attempting to be unique, which many communities seem to fail to do, give us a chance, I promise you won't be disappointed with what sort of RP experience we are attempting to provide. New features are being added frequently, and we're working extremely hard to bring you the best possible experience we can. Our server/s are hosted on a dedicated machine, which allows us more control over each and every aspect of the server. We don't have the issues of limited resources, unreliable game hosts, etc. Some key features we'd like to share: Be rewarded for owning gang houses/hideouts, earn extra to your paycheck per gang house your gang owns! Legal & Illegal truck delivery missions Auction House Custom textures/dialogs Civilian position persistence Jail civilians for custom times, not the standard 15 minutes Police patrol missions Heavily optimized files Vehicle upgrades (Nitro & Storage limit upgrades) Custom vehicles (provided within mod pack*) Be able to talk to your mates using Taskforce Radio for more realism Plus much more! We are not here to recruit for staff, our team is very experienced, and very dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible, we will not let you down. * Note: Our server contains multiple mod packs that were not created by us, all licenses attached to those mod packs have not been altered (if they contained licenses) and we take no credit for the work those developers put in to creating such well done ArmA 3 mods. If you'd like to give our server a go, all information regarding the download of the mod is on our website. If you have any issues downloading or installing the mod, jump on Teamspeak and we will help you out! Website: www.tacticalgamingnetwork.com Teamspeak:
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