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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Everyone! Im here to announce the opening of OPG's new Takistan Life server. It is currently under active development , and the newest update included the Mayor and Secret Service. + UPDATE + Today I added the Takistan Security Forces , and the United Nations. (following my old favourite Takistan Life server). If you head to the website their is a Story Background of TSF and UN. But for an example , I'll just give you the TSF description: The Takistan Security Forces are the only Government based Entity left in Takistan after it was overruled by Rebels several years ago. The TSF have made it their mission to kill or detain all Rebels within Takistan ; to restore it to it's former Glory. Currently they're fighting a losing battle. +UPDATE+ Added tonnes of new clothing , weapons and vehicles to the Terrorist Area. Also finished the Blackmarket Dealer (Big weapons and vehicles , eg Tanks and RPG's). All of our forces are currently recruiting (TSF,UN + TMS). We need YOU to help restore Takistan to the , once , peaceful country it was ; and deserves to be again! Join us , and fight for the glory of the fallen country! Full server name = OPG Taki Life|TSF+UN|REPO @ opgtakilife.mistforums.com OPG Taki Life - Official Website For more information , and how to download. Head here ^.
  2. NEW AUSTRALIAN ARMA LIFE SERVER!!! TAKI STYLE ON ALTIS MAP! QUANTUMGAMING is proud to release QuantumLifeAu, A taki style server with a large KOS zone, checkpoints, and lots more! REQUIRED MODS: Task Force Radio, CUP Weapons, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles Current Features: Instead of Police we have Altis Security Forces, a government task force working hard to keep the civilian population safe from terrorist threats! armed with an arsenal designed for all situations, their goal is to keep the ASF territory under control! Rebels are Terrorists in this version of armalife, with their own territory where the ASF dare not roam, filled with halal snack packs (yes we put those in, not kidding) and armed with all kinds of AK varient weapons, the terrorists are about to cause mayham in and out of the KOS zones. SWAT/UN are replaced with USMC in this map, the US bring the firepower to the blufor side, specialising in dealing with those pesky terrorists rich enough to buy heavy armaments, a heavy RP faction excellent for anyone who wants a more milsim experience. Opfor is activated in this map as an australian PMC, supporting the USMC (and of course anyone with a wallet) these soldiers of fortune are a lethal force not to be trifled with, specialising in support roles this faction can be the extra punch you're gang or task force unit needs to win over the battle, but at a heavy financial cost. UPCOMING FEATURES: TANKS AND JETS! Plans have been put in place to introduce a black market, where terrorists can get tanks and jets limited in ammunition as a rental ONLY to completely balance them out. We are dedicated to keeping all sides balanced on this map so don't expect totally OP tanks, but they will be there and will be EXPENSIVE! Such things can only be used inside of the KOS zone or during a fed, certain runs do require you to go through the KOS zone but the more risk you take, the more money you make! MORE RUNS! plans for runs such as gun running, retrieving parts from a container ship and assembling them to be sold at the terrorist stores! A weapons grade uranium run in a radioactive zone in which you must wear protective gear or face the consequences during the production of this valuable resource. EVENTS! Weekly events including a purge event where for 2 hours all crime will be legal on the island!!!, hostile takeover events for towns like pyrgos with a king of the hill like scenario, all of these events being scripted in for maximum immersion and minimal admin interaction. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- COMMUNITY INTERACTION: We are ABSOLUTELY committed to our community, ALL suggestions are taken on board heavily and most decisions are strawpolled, admin meetings are open for any members to listen in and EVERYONE gets a say. Bullying is 100% not tolerated and we do our best to keep the community clean. If you like to troll, this isn't the server for you. All staff are very bureaucratic when it comes to the rules so expect to be banned/formally warned if you decide to break those rules. THIS IS A SERVER FOR THE PLAYERS, AND SHALL REMAIN THAT WAY. INFORMATION: 120,000 Start 5 COP public slots 1 Medic public slot Website: http://www.quantumlifeau.com/ Teamspeak URL 1 : ts3.quantumlifeau.com Teamspeak URL 2 : kgc.streamlinegames.com **this server is 1 day old as of this post.
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