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Found 9 results

  1. Simple Life Roleplay ——————————————————————— Discord: CLICK HERE About us: We are a new Tanoa Life RP Server that has weekly updates, friendly players, friendly staff, and a good start to help your experience be the best it can! We currently are doing weekly updates to fix all the bugs, so you guys can have the best experience you possibly can! We have a $3,000,000 start for every player so you guys can have a good startup and be able to get to doing drug runs and robberies. We have just created this server but we were recently known as Lazy Boy RP.
  2. We are a Tanoa roleplay server. We are a new server that has recently started that was recently called Lazy Boy RP. We are in need of active staff and players for the server! We are currently doing weekly updates and below I will list some features we currently have: FEATURES * ART GALLERY ROBBERY * GOVERNMENT FACILITY ROBBERY * MILITARY BASE ROBBERY * DYNAMIC MARKET (GOOD PRICES) * FRIENDLY PLAYERS * DIFFERENT REBEL TIERS * NOT VERY HARD RUNS * CARTEL GOLD MINES * BOUNTY HUNTING * CONVOYS * CUSTOMIZED MAP * SHADY CRIMINAL * WEAPON CRAFTING + A LOT MO
  3. Bonjour, J’ai avec plusieurs potes le projet de réaliser un serveur Altis Life. Actuellement le serveur comporte simplement quelques scripts mais rien de plus et justement le but est de créer un projet à plusieurs basé sur nos idées et envies de nous tous et c’est pour cela que recherchons une équipe avant d’avoir préparé le serveur. Nous sommes une petite équipe de 3 potes ayant tous plus que 18 ans et nous ne sommes pas assez, c’est pour cela que nous recherchons : - Développeurs - Graphiste - Mappeur - Rédacteur Ainsi que des membres du staff tels
  4. Hello there, Thank you for taking the time to read by this post as you may well know that I require some staff for my newly created Altis Life Server V4.4r4. Particular staff I am looking for are experienced Developers and people who can manage an important role within server management. This is because I am incredibly inexperienced within the development of a server and scripting. The Server that I host is called VanquishRP - yes the name can be changed via vote of staff if you so wish to join The server is a small 40 slot server and is hosted via Host Havoc. Please
  5. I need help setting up a modded server (TFR, gun reskin, police, and medic reskin,) I'm missing things like ear plugs a new y menu hud (adding cars skins and items to car and heli shops) this will come with perma dev on our server. (we run dedicated) if ur willing join our TS: forbiddenclan.com:9987 (speak to DJ_SKY, Iceman show post as proof if needed) feel free to msg me on these forums as well
  6. This is a post about a new server i am working on with a custom map, custom scripts and textures. We are looking for Staff (ts staff, website staff and in game staff) we are also looking for cops. Features: Active admins, custom map, whitelisted rebels, gang bases, High FPS, good paychecks, serious rolepay and a lot more to come. Add me on steam or join ts if you want to have a talk about server or if you just want to join, if you join the server and say that you have seen this post you can have any house you want on the server and a 500k start! My setam: http
  7. Hello, everyone! Thanks for viewing and taking your time to look at this thread. I am currently looking for some developers/graphic designers, for my server if you are wishing to become a staff member. Please contact me via Direct Message (private message). Our teamspeak server is; altislife.streamlinegames.com
  8. We have started a new server and are currently recruiting whitelisted cops! If youre interested join. we also have a wide variety of things for civilians to do around town!
  9. Hey Guys! Introducing the new Australian Altis Life Experience By Obliviontek, We are a small group of gamers based in Australia, we are mostly famous for hosting our Counter Strike: GO Surf servers, we have been developing our Arma 3 Server for around 3 Months, We are in the recruiting Phase Currently, To Apply / Find Out More Information Add Me On Steam!! Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/alphatheawesome/ We are also looking to recruit experienced Highlevel cops to keep the cities safe! Follow the same process as above ^ Visit Our Website (not finished yet) :
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