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Found 5 results

  1. Server Status - Early Development Islandia Life? Islandia life is a new and exciting life project set up by a group of experienced players, Islandia life has been created to go back to roleplay, we focus on a hard-core experience allowing you to be what you want and get a slice of the Icelandic life. Why play with us? We are the First community to Roleplay as Iceland We offer a unique and varied experience Dedicated and understanding Staff members willing to put the time into the project. Proper roleplay experience, stories, events, businesses and more. We will never accept toxic players in and push for a equal and fun culture Ability to be who you want to be We take the focus away from combat. A map designed for Roleplay that looks good! Unique map design which is away from the standard temperate/tropical island seen in life servers Fresh experiences, events that you can start, ability to live legaly and still make good money. Our Planned Features Realistic Icelandic Weather Forcasts Blizzards! Icelands weather can be deadily so make sure you wrap up warm, the Blizzards can get you spun around and lost, luckily there are Search and rescue teams waiting to save you! Northen Lights Yes northen lights you heard me! Iceland is located in the north hemisphere and in the winter the northen lights foracst is quite frequently high and lets just say there a wonder of this world and it wouldnt be right to make this map and not include them so look out for them on release! Landmarks Here you can see Hallgrímskirkja this is a well known tourist attraction of icelandic loacated in the city of reykjavik, we will be including landmarks like this in the map. Blue Laggon More Planned Features Here: Click me We plan to include more features as we progress on. What We Are Looking For ! Staff We are looking for eager staff members looking to be apart of the next cool thing, we strive for the dedication and special bond between members of happy and friendly staff that will get along with people no matter what nationality,culture and background and to keep profession and high standards at all times, we are looking for people that can speak English and possibly Icelandic as a bonus but its not a requirement, we aim to have active staff covering a wide range of time zones so there is constant monitoring. Development We are looking for developers of these abilitys at the current moment: Texturing Modeling Terrain Developing Scripting If you want to be apart of the project please join the discrord and message me or a member of managment. Investors and contributions If you are intrested and wanna help us out in someway go and check out our Pateron where you can help us with up keep,updates and payments. You Got Any Qustions ? Contact me,staff or a developer Discrod
  2. NEW SERVER OPEN FOR BETA TESTING IP FOR TS SERVER IP TS NEEDED TO PLAY MODDED SERVER!!! CEDARPOINT NEW MAP! If you came here for a Arma3 Life server you got one, It is still being developed but join us for the experience. Join our ts at ALSO FEEL FREE TO POKE OR MESSAGE ANY STAFF!! OR JUST WAIT IN OUR LOUNG 1,2 or 3! KEEP IN MIND I WILL BE UPLOADING A VIDEO OF A HELI FLYING AROUND MAP AND ALSO MORE VEHICLE PICTURES What scripts we will have and custom items HERE IS LINK TO MAP VIDEO https://youtu.be/ZekLZWZKzy0 Seatbelts Tuning Shop Custom Car models Custom Skins Custom HUD Custom Tablet Maverick Shipwrecks Script Maverick Talent Tree Script Maverick Vehicle Indicators Maverick Taxi Script Login Camera Steam UID above head Zipties/Blindfolds Realistic Vehicle Towing GPS Server Restart events Placeable Objects For Police Deapartment Custom Gangs and Company's DEBIT CARD Broad Casting network Realistic Roleplay! Rob's Sports utility Vehicle's Elton's Luxury Motors And here is our taxi script Also Including our ingame youtube OUR BROADCASTING SCRIPT OUR DEBIT CARD SCRIPT OUR MAVERICK SHIPWRECK AND TALENT TREE SCRIPT
  3. Electro-Inf “Fun and Ethical Gaming” Senior Management team at Electro-Inf have invited you to join this new upcoming server. We have a strong stable staff team with brilliant developers who are always willing to hear new ideas and implement them ingame to make the roleplay of the server even better. Anyone who has dedicated time and brought new ideas to our staff team will be rewarded in game. Here at Electro-Inf we are looking for hardcore roleplay. We do not take rulebreakers easy and they will face punishment. We strive to have the best roleplay experience for anyone who joins. We would also like to announce that we are hiring Staff, EMS and Police. The EMS Chief is available also the Police Commissioner is open same with many high ranks in the factions. Also there will be sub department command available such as Search and Rescue and Tactical Firearms Unit (TFU). We are currently in Beta so any issues you find within the server or any bugs please report them and you will be rewarded. There are a few more things needing added to the server and the map so we hope to be able to provide a good experience throughout the servers growth. Our TS - We hope to see you at our teamspeak and in game. Many Thanks, Kyle James Chief Administration Officer
  4. Need Staff & Cops | Quantum Gaming Community (QGC) | Altis Life RPG Development Phase Completed | Custom Textures| Altis Life RPG v4.5 NO MODS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GLOBAL COMMUNITY: HARDCORE RP SERVER **NEED PHYSICIANS (Doctors) NOTE THAT SAYS YOU ARE NOT TOXIC** We are currently seeking to employ and achieve a player base, currently most of staff positions and PD positions are open to the public. Requirements for Staff: *Must be 16+ (We only seek mature players for staff) *Must have teamspeak/mic/legal copy of ArmA 3 *Must be able to follow the chain of command *Must be respectful to all players *MUST BE VERY ACTIVE AND COMMIT TIME *May not be part of another community Requirements for Police Officers: *Must be 14+ *Must have teamspeak/mic/legal copy of ArmA 3 *Must be able to follow the chain of command *Must be respectful to all players *May not be part of another community *Must have common sense *Must Read and Understand the set guidelines *DO NOT ASK FOR PROMOTIONS We are here to stay please come help us with your skills and experience. P.S. If you do not know what Teamspeak is you are too young please do not apply. Contact Owner: Sam Teamspeak: TS.QuantumLifeRP.com Server IP: s1.QuantumLifeRP.com:2302 Temporary Website: www.QuantumLifeRP.com
  5. new altis life servers OFFICIAL ARMA3/RealAltis The server of all servers, a beast……... Simply the best Arma Server there is, PERIOD! http://www.RealAltis.com TeamSpeak ts.RealAltis.com:9991 download mods for lakeside at www.realaltis.com SERVERS RealAltis (Altis-Life) - RealAltis (LakeSide) - Server Specs: Dual Intel E5-2699v3 20Gb Fiber Connection Intel Datacenter P3608 – 4,500MB/s Daily Backups As our servers develop a community base, we are looking for the following roles: Scripting Website Development Forum Moderators Texture Artists 3D Modelers Staff Needed: Lakeside Police Corrections Officers Sheriffs Office Assistant Mayor Assistant Governor Medical Professionals
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